Bali Vacation Plan + Day to Day Itinerary & Extra Service

We know how much you've been dreaming about your next Bali vacation and you want it to be perfect. And with all the current travel regulations, planning a trip to Bali can feel overwhelming. So here comes in: our custom Bali vacation planning service.

If you are looking to fully outsource your travel planning, once we've designed your ultimate dream Bali vacation?

We will guide you through your dream holiday and assist in preparing your travel route, adding direct booking links for your accommodation options (we check availability and alternative options when needed), transportation, activities and have an exclusive WhatsApp service available for all your questions. 

This package includes:

  • Online intake on your ideal vacation style or specific questions you have regarding your trip.
  • 45-minute one-on-one live call with us. We will get to know you better and walk through your ideal Bali vacation, you can ask us anything!*
  • FREE 
  • Your Dream Bali Vacation Plan: a tailored day to day trip plan with a personalized travel route for Bali and neighboring islands, with the best accommodations suiting your budget, wishes and travel dates.
  • Day-to-day tips with our best restaurant and cafe recommendations and things to do, along with all your extra wishes - and we will be creative in adding some extra ideas to make your trip extra special. Imagine a day of volunteering in a local orphanage or dog shelter, or partaking in a traditional Balinese ceremony.
  • Trip overview and 1 round of finetuning. 
  • A complete checklist pre-departure + airport pick-up arrangement.
  • Visa advice + direct contact with our trusted agents that we are personally working with.

    *We can have our call in English or Dutch.

    Other Bali Vacation Planning packages:
    We also offer a one-on-one Bali travel consultancy callonly. If you're planning your next Bali trip, but would love an insider's view, this is your call. Maybe you need some ideas on planning your dream trip, have questions about Bali's travel regulations or would like to walk through your travel route and get our feedback to make your vacation even more perfect. Skip forever online searching for answers and ask us.

    If you are looking for a Bali Vacation Plan with travel route, tips and accommodations only - without the day-to-day itinerary and additional services, you can book package 2: Customized Bali Vacation Plan.

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