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Bali Blue Ocean Sarong

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The ocean is home, let's protect it with all we have. Our limited edition Bali Blue Ocean Sarong is designed out of love for the sea & in honor of Ocean Day 2021.
Our sarong is made in Bali by local tailors from island-sourced fabrics. We personally know each person that makes your clothes, you're directly supporting small, locally owned businesses in Bali.

For each order, we donate 10% to Bye Bye Plastic Bags. A movement powered by young sisters Melati & Isabel Wijssen in 2013 around the world to say NO to plastic bags. In 2019 they achieved Bali to ban the use of single-use plastic items in a bid to cut down on ocean pollution.

  • 100% rayon
  • Made in Bali
  • One size (170cm x 120cm)
  • Wrap your sarong around the waist, fold on half to wear as a short skirt or use as beach towel.
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