Whether you're building your trip from scratch or already booked your tickets and you want to finalize your travel schedule and pick the right accommodations. Whether it's a trip with your friends, solo travel adventure, family holiday with the kids or if it's your Honeymoon coming up...

In a 60-minutes 1 on 1 call, we'll help you to customize your sun-kissed escape (and make it tourist trap proof) that suits your wishes and wildest island dreams. We'll walk through your potential travel schedule and create your customised list of potential accommodations. Before you know you're on your way FOMO-free!

You'll also receive our Bali Islandlife eGuide filled with more than 300 spots & tips for FREE.

Why is BALI CALLING for you?

It can be quite overwhelming to plan your perfect Bali dream Holiday. There is simply SO MUCH out there. So how do you know which areas to choose? How long to stay where? And where to sleep exactly? And if you want to visit an island, which one should you go to and how to go from one to the other? You want to do it all but hey you only have that specific amount of days... It's all so nice and then when you finally found something... it's fully booked... Aaah!

Organising a trip to Bali can be challenging and you want to spend those days that you've worked hard for to the fullest. You want this trip to be a memory of a lifetime! Or maybe you don't even have that much time to prepare and you don't want to miss out on all the most amazing beaches, food and beauty that Bali has to offer?

So, we have come up with THE answer for you. In addition to our travel guides, we have launched DESIGN YOUR BALI DREAM HOLIDAY WITH US: a personal, 1 on 1 call to design your perfect Bali Holiday. Join us for a 60-minute call, and let us answer all your questions and help you to design your dream Bali Holiday!

We've spent more than over a decade helping hundreds of friends, influencers and other travellers to shape their Bali adventures. So we're beyond excited to have this out there and now offer this to you. If you need a more customised, personal touch to your trip, this is for you!

How does it work?

Step 1. Share your Bali travel preferences

Fill out our short questionnaire about your questions and how you like to travel – including budget and interests- which we use to prepare for our call and suggest potential accommodations.

Step 2. Bali is calling!

Schedule your call on a date + time that suits you with either Pris or Eve. We will call you via ZOOM. If you choose to use your computer for our call, you can simply click on the link we will send you and start our call. If you prefer to call us via your phone, you will need to install the app, which will take you only 1 min!

Step 3. Let’s make your dream Bali Holiday come to life

We’ll jump on the 60-minutes call with you to walk through your questionnaire and answer all your questions about your upcoming trip. You can ask us anything and we'll discuss a custom travel schedule that matches all your needs.

Step 4. Let’s go!

After our call, you'll receive an e-mail with our recorded call - completed with a list of your customised potential accommodations especially for you. All you need to do is to go ahead to book and lock in the dates!

Be on your way, FOMO-free!

Questions regarding DESIGN YOUR BALI DREAM HOLIDAY WITH US? Send us an e-mail on

Bali vibes, incoming!