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Donate to Little Steps Matter Foundation

Little Steps Matter Foundation supports dog and cats in Bali suffering from abuse, abandonment and injury every single day. Not only do they support animals living on the street, but also animals with a home that are not cared for adequately, thanks to lack of awareness or lack of money to cover vet bills or care.
This means that alongside their daily responsibilities of feeding, treating, rescuing, sterilizing and rehoming dogs and cats that need them,  Little Steps Matter is also focused on educating the local community, and providing financial assistance as required. The team works one-to-one with animal owners to ensure they understand what their animals need, and can give it to them.
Little Steps Matter is severely underfunded for the work they do, and so every single donation makes a HUGE difference to the animals they support. Just €8 will pay for 1 dog to eat for a week, and €10 will pay for a cat's annual vaccinations.
Little Steps Matter Foundation is reliant on donations and support from kind-hearted souls like you. We invite you to give whatever you can miss so that those animals who really need our support can receive it when they need it most.
"Thank you from the bottom of our hearts- we see what a massive impact your contribution makes, and so we thank you from all the cats and dogs, kittens and puppies that can now live a better life." Sabine, Little Steps Matter. 
Follow @littlestepsmatter on Instagram to see all the amazing work they do.
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