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Feed a family in Bali


We're inviting you to give what you can.

More than 80% of the people in Bali work in the tourism industry, which means that many are out of jobs right now. Bali has been closed for international travelers since April and with the current high rise in Covid cases in Indonesia - the future of having tourists being able to travel to Bali again is far out of sight.

It’s incredibly inspiring to see how the people in Bali stay positive and smiling as always even in a crisis like this. Local initiatives are supporting their neighborhoods, remote villages, islands outside of Bali and camps in places like Serangan and Benoa where large groups of Indonesians currently live in harsh conditions. Most people depend on the help of their local community and non-profit initiatives.

We would love for you to make a donation, and give what you can. We suggest 3 amazing initiatives below. 

We link directly to the donation links of the charities, so it will be directly at use right where it's needed. 

1. Nasi Bungkus Tetangga / Together for Bali
Run by two incredible women and their friends and family, Nasi Bunkus Tetangga has since April 2020 feeding thousands of Balinese families, by handing out essential food packages in local neighborhoods and tent camps. We have been personally involved since the beginning and have great respect and love for everyone doing this voluntary work to help the people in Bali. 

You can send your donations through PayPal at fitrisupardi@gmail.com.

2. Feed Bali

Feed Bali has given to 4,147 families - that’s 464,464 meals (a family of four eating 2 meals per day for 14 days). To give you an idea: a 30 USD food package provides enough food for a family to eat 2 nutritious meals for 14 days.

Donate to Feed Bali here.

3. Project Nasi 

Project Nasi is about supplying the bare essentials to Balinese in desperate need of supplies, in order to help communities survive the impacts of the COVID-19 outbreak. They have been doing incredible work and still need all the funds they can to help the people surviving through this crisis.

Donate through PayPal here
Donate via GoFundme here

Thank you!

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