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10 Days Donation Sale for Little Steps Matter

November 03, 2022

10 Days Donation Sale for Little Steps Matter

This week we joined the amazing team of Little Steps Matter for the second time on a street feed. We saw first-hand how they are absolutely beyond incredible, caring for the street animals. We spoke with founder Sabine Kaufmann and they are in high need for donations. Little Steps Matter is severely underfunded for the work they do, and so every single donation makes a HUGE difference to the animals they support. Just €8 will pay for 1 dog to eat for a week, and €10 will pay for a cat's annual vaccinations. So we teamed up to organize a 10 days Donation Sale for Little Steps Matter!


We are donating 100% of the profit of this Donation Sale in the next 10 days - 5 till 13 November - to Little Steps Matter. So you can shop our special sale items in our online sunkissed store and know that you donate at the same time! And we invite you to donate or even become a sponsor to support the sweet Bali dogs and cats on the streets and in local families that need your help.




Or donate directly via:


PayPal info@littlestepsmatter.org 

Follow @littlestepsmatter on Instagram to see all the amazing work they do.


About Little Steps Matter

Little Steps Matter was founded in 2016 by Sabine Kaufmann, a lifelong animal lover and defender of animal rights. Originally from Germany, at the age of 6 Sabine started to bring home animals in need. Since arriving in Bali in 1989, Sabine was very distressed by the amount of sick and injured dogs and cats she saw roaming the streets and took them in for healing and rehabilitation, before looking for suitable owners to adopt these abandoned animals. Founding Little Steps Matter became the natural next step, allowing Sabine to devote her life to helping animals in Bali on a wider scale, in order for more animals to have a second chance at a happy and healthy life.

Together with the Little Steps Matter team, Sabine coordinates a street feeding and treatment schedule, and co-hosts mass sterilization days, along with rescuing vulnerable cats and dogs in need and providing rehabilitation as required. This is facilitated with the support of foster carers in her own network, or at her own home. Once ready, rescues are then adopted into loving forever homes. Educating the local community about animal welfare is also key, to minimise animal suffering long-term.

Little Steps Matter's Mission is to eradicate suffering of animals in Bali through 3 areas: Feeding/Treatment, Sterilization and Education/Adoption. Thank you for joining us on this journey to help animals in need throughout Bali!


6 More ways to Help

Besides shopping our Donation Sale in the upcoming 10 days - our main goal is to contribute to raising awareness and funds for Little Steps Matter. Find below 6 more ways how you can support the Bali dogs & cats who need your help.

1. Raise Awareness

A share on social media can go a long way. Share our website, posts, reels, videos, and links to donations or fundraisers. Follow @littlestepsmatter on Instagram.

2. Become a Patreon

If you like what we do here and would like to support us become a Little Steps Matter Patreon. Choose your Membership level from $4.50 per month and gain exclusive content and behind-the-scenes footage.

3. Volunteer in Bali

Little Steps Matter is in urgent need of volunteers with professional expertise that are willing to share their time, including photographers and videographers, but also social media influencers, or anyone else who can share the Little Steps Matter story with their own network, and help us to secure donations.

In Bali, if you would like to join on a street feed around the Kediri area of Tabanan, please send a message to check for availability. They generally begin at 10am and finish around 2pm, depending upon the animals that they come across.

4. Donate

Little Steps Matter is severely underfunded for the work we do, and so every single donation makes a HUGE difference to the animals we support. Just €8 will pay for 1 dog to eat for a week, and €10 will pay for a cat's annual vaccinations.

Use the 'Donate Now' button to contribute a monthly, annual or one-off donation, or consider fundraising: a cake sale, sponsored car wash, or even selling unwanted items on eBay, could make all the difference to an animal in need!

5. Fundraise

Raise funds for Little Steps Matters by asking your family, friends and network, throwing an event, giving a donation-based class, there are no limits to your creativity to support us by donating your time by raising funds.

6. Become a Sponsor

Little Steps Matter is looking for the support of pet care brands to help with food and medical supplies, and people brands to help us to spread the word about Little Steps Matter, via collaborations. The less money they spend on food and supplies, the more money they have for sterilizations, operations, rescues and more.

Go to www.littlestepsmatter.org for all information. Thank you!


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