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10 x new Canggu spots we love

December 10, 2018

10 x new Canggu spots we love

When we arrived in Bali in 2009 and settled into our island life, Canggu - a small farmers village along the Indian Ocean within lush green rice paddies - was a place where we would drive off to for a good surf and sunset. With only a handful of cafes, it was serener than you could ever imagine. Nowadays, Canggu is buzzing, bye serenity but hello good food and good vibes! You know already that we have a Canggu Guide for you with more than 200 of our favorite spots, but today we're adding some new faves for you here on the blog. Not to miss out on!

1. Give Cafe
Incredible plant-based vegan warung. That means, nasi campur but 100% animal and cruelty-free! If we can we eat here every day for lunch or dinner. The owners of KYND in Seminyak, Lauren and Corryne set up this non-profit vegan warung, that not only looks pretty amazing but has absolutely the best food ever.

2. Plant Cartel
To stay in vegan mode, Plant Cartel is a new spot on Jalan Batu Bolong, serving plant-based junk food. So no need to miss out on burgers and hot dogs when you're not eating animals, they have it all!

3. Mason
Our new favorite dinner spot, with LA vibes and good music. Share dishes in the cozy garden seats or inside with your friends and have an amazing evening guaranteed.

4. Coffee & Coconuts Bali
From Amsterdam to Bali, this cafe is new in the hood. We hopped in yesterday and must say we are in love with the interior and cute nooks to hang out (just like they have in Amsterdam!).

5. Peloton
Ok, not a new spot but worth a mention as they just revamped their interior! Check it out, even more to love at our all-time daily plant-based food and juice pitstop.

6. Milk & Madu
Yes, also not new but rebuild after the recent fire they had that burned down the entire restaurant. Amazing how they reconstructed the venue and made it even prettier and bigger. Food is amazing as always and is a must go when you're in Canggu's Berawa area!

6. The Common
By the owners of Milk & Madu, the Common opened in the heart of Canggu on Jalan Batu Bolong. A healthy food cafe with good coffee. All you need!

7. The Holiday
Super cute roadside cafe with art gallery, tucked away in a side street of jalan Batu Bolong (enter across Cafe Organic). Gorgeous space for your breakfast, coffee and lunch dates.

8. Jet Black Ginger
In the non food category, for all the girls, Jet Black Ginger is your go-to place for mani pedi's, hair and massages. Also not new to the hood, but just expanded with a bigger and beautiful space.

9. The Acai Shop Bali
Not a day goes by without having an acai bowl! You know Pris and Arnaud are running their Bali Bowls cafes in Biarritz. But when in Bali definitely stop by the new Acai Shop Bali from our friends. You'll find this tiny take away Acai shop at Echo Beach.

10. La Brisa
And last but not least, not a new spot but also one that's expanding it's venue. We had a sneak peak at the new pool and it looks incredible. Favorite beach hangout before or after surf at Echo Beach.

Hope you loved our quick update, let us know which are your favorite Canggu spots in the comments below. Would love to hear!

And if want to know all our 200 Canggu spots check out our online Canggu eGuide here.

-x- Pris & Eve

Give Cafe
The Holiday
La Brisa on Echo Beach

Coffee & Coconuts

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