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5 Bali stays on our bucketlist right now

November 04, 2020

5 Bali stays on our bucketlist right now

Like we wrote earlier today here in this post 'why this is the time to start planning your 2021 Bali trip' - there isn't a better time to book those dreamiest Bali island stays. A lof popular stays on the island are usually fully booked months ahead but with borders closed there are less to no guests. So many hotels and villas are starting to offer super interesting promotions and discounts. And as optimistic as we always are - with Indonesia planning to open up again this January, we started working on our (always endless) Bali bucketlist. We always save new villas, hotels and unique places to sleep to make sure to visit them to show to you guys. 

Let's start with sharing these 5 island stays across the island that we are currently dreaming of staying. Which ones are on your bucketlist? Let us know in the comments!

1. Villa V Uluwatu, The Bukit

Villa V Uluwatu has been appearing on lots of fashion influencers Instagram feeds last year, and if you see the photos you'll know why. For the lovers of minimalism and aesthetics, you're definitely going to be obsessed about this place just like we do. All rooms overlook the Indian ocean, so you can wake up with the salty smell of the sea and watch the waves rolling in. We have it on our list since opening to visit but somehow haven't yet. So we're definitely booking V Uluwatu for our next island escape to the Bukit!

Check out Villa V Uluwatu here.

Photo by @villavuluwatu 

 2. The Studios at Desa Potato Head, Seminyak

Who else have been dancing into the sunset like us at Potato Head on Seminyak beach? Good times (and tan lines)! Over the years Potato Head grew out to a complete creative, cultural and culinair village and art center. Something unheard and so unique, it's hard to put into words and you can only understand our raging enthusiasm by experiencing it yourself. Last year the new hotel area 'The Studios at Desa Potato Head' opened. Every single detail is styled to perfection and sustainable (even all the hotel amenities are made from recycled plastic). That means that now you can dance all night, roll into bed and wake up with a view over the sea and indulge at many of the amazing restaurants at the venue. At opening day we saw the most amazing Balinese sunset dance and music performance and were lucky to stay here for a night. Ok so officially its not on the bucketlist anymore but we really want to stay here again for a few nights when we're back so putting it on here anyway, haha. 

Check The Studios at Desa Potato Head here.

 3. The Robinson Beach House, Gili Meno

The Island Houses in Bali are one of the best kept secrets of the island. These unique styled houses - created by the owners of Cafe Bali (our all-time favorite dinner spot in Seminyak for the last ten years) - are spread across Seminyak and Bingin. And on Gili Meno you'll find their breathtaking Robinson Beachhouse. Now this is what we call real islandstyle paradise. We passed it a few times when we were on trips to Gili Meno, but haven't stayed here as it was usually always full on the dates we were on the island. We did visit their Seminyak houses and it was a dream (which we still need to share with you guys so will make a post about them soon!). So once we're back on islandground, you'll find us vacationing Robinson style right here (and maybe staying for a while, wouldn't mind quarantanning right here). 

Check out The Robinson Beach House here. 

Photo by @theislandhouses

4. Soulshine Bali, Ubud

Having his feel good music on repeat since the nineties (especially this song!) we were happily surprised when Michael Franti and his wife Sara Agah Franti opened up their Soulshine retreat venue in Ubud a few months back. Since years they already host their own 'soulrockers' yoga and music retreat and now have their very own venue. You can also visit Soulshine for the day, and with this view - you'll want to! We have it high on our bucketlist to stay, especially as it's known to be super kiddie friendly. On Sundays they have family fun day with activities for kids and the pool area has a waterslide that we know Manua is going to be beyond excited about. Can't wait!

Check out Soulshine Ubud here.

Photo by @soulshinebali


5. Batukaru Coffee Estate

When we're back we would really like to explore more of the Northern region of Bali. We must admit we usually stay close to the coast because we're just so addicted to the ocean and surfing - but Bali's inlands are just too insanely beautiful (and so different than the rest of Bali!) to keep from you guys. One of the places high on our list to visit is Batukaru Coffee Estate. A biodynamic coffee farm and eco retreat in the heart of Bali. Located on the slopes of Mount Batukaru, this estate is surrounded by jungle and oh, the views. We can't wait to soak this all up and reconnect with nature for a little escape.

Check out Batu Karu Coffee Estate here.

Photo by @batukarucoffeeestate

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