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8 x favorite beaches + surf in The Bukit

September 10, 2020

8 x favorite beaches + surf in The Bukit

1. Bingin Beach 
Our favorite beach in Bali! We often escape on weekends here to relax and hangout with friends, sunbathe, surf and eat delicious food at one of the (vegan) warungs. Part of what makes it so special is the walk there. You will need to maneuver through a small gang that leads to the steps that'll take you down to the beach. That first look over the ocean will take your breath away.

Waves are perfect for surf and the water warm for mermaiding. Days here end with the most magical sunsets and fresh fish BBQ on the beach. You can also sleep at one of the beautiful island stays with views over the ocean, such as Sun & Surf Stay and Sal Secret. All our favorite cafes are also close to this beach.

Surf: Beginners with high tide and no swell, advanced with low to mid-tide. Bingin is best known for the perfect barrels. To the left of Bingin you will find the left-handed wave "Impossibles", only suitable for the advanced surfer.

2. Uluwatu / Suluban Beach
This world-famous beach was discovered in the 1970s as the world's best surf spot. So it attracts surfers from all over the world. Bring your sarong and some food and drinks and take the walk all the way down to the beach. At low tide you can walk between the rocks to escape into this little piece of paradise. 

Surf: Uluwatu has three breaks, Temples, The Peak and Racetracks. All only suitable for the advanced surfer. And if you want a private entrance to the beach and surfspots you must book your stay at the most amazing Uluwatu Surf Villas (our go-to spot for special weekends!)

3. Dreamsea Beach
A hidden gem: not one that is mentioned in the touristic guides! One of our favorite places to stay in The Bukit, with views over the best surf spots Impossibles and Bingin Beach, is Dreamsea Surf. And next to this little tropical bungalow resort (with all rooms overlooking the ocean!) is a small stretch of sand that is quiet, private and intimate. Just how we like it. 

Surf: Paddle out to "Impossibles" or book your surf lessons at Dreamsea Surf.

4. Padang Padang 
Walk among the monkeys down the stairs to the beach. This narrow lagoon is the place to watch the best surfers in action. The beach is also known from the movie Eat, Pray, Love.

Surf: The left spot is for advanced users (expect big barrels). On the right, however, you will find Baby Padang. Here you can learn to surf and enjoy longboarding. Book a surf lesson at one of the surf schools along the road or on the beach.

5. Balangan Beach
A stretched, white sandy beach, full of swaying palm trees. That's Balangan Beach. The local warungs unfortunately have to make way for hotels and beach clubs, but it has not lost its charm yet. Rent a bed and relax there all day.

Surf: Intermediate & Advanced. Long, fast lefthanders on a shallow reef. When it gets big a challenging spot!

6. Green bowl 
Ready for a workout? Enter the stairs down 250 steps. However, the result is worth everything. This white sand beach is a slice of paradise, perfect for floating around or surfing. Do note: the beach can only be accessed at low tide and there are no beds and shops, so bring your drinks and food downstairs.

Surf: Intermediate & Advanced. Again be careful for the fast current and shallow reef.

7. Thomas beach 
You wouldn't notice this beach if you didn't know it, because it is hidden between Padang Padang and Uluwatu. Here you can relax all day on a beach bed, and buy your fresh coconut and a nasi goreng at one of the local warungs on the beach. You need to enter the beach by following the signs on the road after Padang Padang that say Thomas Homestay.

8. Nyang Nyang 
Secluded in the South you will find Nyang Nyang beach. You can still see the ruins of sunken ships on the expansive mile of white sandy beach. There is nothing much insight, ideal for a day away from the crowds.


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