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Bali back in lockdown (short update)

July 05, 2021

Bali back in lockdown (short update)

New update! Although our last weeks Bali Covid update was a lot more optimistic, Bali is currently back in lockdown. Due to a severe rise in Covid cases in Indonesia, the president announced new restrictions for the islands Bali and Java. This emergency restrictions will be in place to at least 20th of July.

Restrictions include that all public facilities, restaurants and cafes are closed and only open for takeaway and delivery. Beaches are officially closed - although unofficially we've seen Bali has implemented the regulations a bit differently. But the next days will probably give more clarity on the specific set of measures. We've seen now here in Seminyak and Canggu rules have been set in place. 

Of course our prayers go out to everyone in Indonesia to be safe and healthy. And hearts are heavy for the people in Bali, as their work and income is highly affected again with the new lockdown.

And since yesterday, new requirements made it mandatory for all foreign travelers to show certificate that they have received a COVID-19 vaccine. This includes for all in- and outbound flights. Which obviously is causing big concern among the expat and travel community on Java and Bali. 

Eve had to cancel her trip to Bali with the fam this week and Pris planned to fly ut to Europe next week. So we're trying to get a hold on as much accurate information as possible, and will keep you in the look on our Instagram stories as well. 

Pris & Eve 

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