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BALI IS OPEN! Here is all you need to know + quarantine update

February 04, 2022

Bali is OPEN

New update: 4th of March 2022

Bali is talking about lifting their quarantine completely in April! We are beyond excited. The news is not official yet, but our hopes are up! They will possibly start on the 14th of March with a 2 weeks trial of no quarantine in Bali, where Kitas & Kitap holders can quarantine at home. Please note that this counts for Bali only, if you enter Indonesia through Jakarta you will still have to do the quarantine. If everything is going well they will potentially lift all quarantine in Bali and Jakarta by the 1st of April. Stay tuned on our Instagram for all the latest Bali news.

Right now you can quarantine in Bali! 

Currently Indonesia is only allowing vaccinated travelers into Bali. You will have to quarantine 2 nights / 3 days at a pre-booked hotel. 

All vaccine's has to be taken 14 days prior to departure!

For families traveling with young children: kids follow the vaccination level of their parents (children under 12 do not need to be vaccinated to enter Indonesia) - but all do need to do the PCR tests.

Find all the Bali quarantine hotels here. Some even allow you to go to the pool, beach and enjoy activities inside the hotel!

Read along for the rest of the update from 2 weeks ago!


Bali, 4 February 2022

Friends, today is finally the day we can share the BEST NEWS EVER After almost 2 years, Bali is finally officially OPEN again! The very first international flight has landed in Bali yesterday from Japan. As you can imagine, this is the biggest news for the island and we can't wait for more good things to happen. 

Ok, let's sum up the facts if you're planning to travel to Bali- because you do need a few things: a B211 visa, full vaccination proof and get into 2 days quarantine. Read along for all travel regulations and let us know in the comments or via DM in Instagram if you have any more questions.

PS Dreaming of living in Bali? Whether you're dreaming to live in Bali for 2 months, a year or even for an indefinite time, whether you're going on a solo journey or bringing the kids - very soon we will share EVERYTHING we learned & know in our BALI COURSE with you to turn your dreams into reality! Leave your e-mail here and you're the first to know when doors will open.

Here is all you need to know

Bali International Airport is now OPEN
What does this mean? Airlines can now resume their flight routes to Bali. Since its official today - we're awaiting news which airlines are soon flying directly to Bali. Garuda Airlines was the first airplane yesterday to arrive in Denpasar from Japan. 

So, YES Bali is open, but next up is to wait for a flight :) So far, Singapore Airlines, Garuda Airlines and Batik Airlines have stated to resume their flights. We're keeping you posted on this on Instagram! 

If you're wondering: but many people have been traveling to Bali already, right? Yes: flights have been arriving on Bali domestic airport over the last years. You were still able to travel through Jakarta to Bali. So these routes are currently still active. If you go by this route: do note that you will need to quarantine in Jakarta, not in Bali. 

Quarantine: 2 nights / 3 days
You can now quarantine in Bali, not only in Jakarta. You will need to quarantine 2 nights (3 days) in a designated quarantine hotel. During this quarantine you will need to do a PCR test on day 1 and one more on day 3 at 5am in the morning to be able to have the test results on time to be released at 12pm mid day. 

For families traveling with young children it also applies that it will be 3 days quarantine (kids under 12 do not need to be vaccinated to enter Indonesia) - but all do need to do the PCR tests.

When PCR tests provide negative results, you are free to leave your quarantine hotel.

Important note: the first entry point in Indonesia is the place where you need to quarantine. So when your flight arrives in Indonesia through Jakarta - you need to quarantine there. If your flight arrives in Indonesia through Denpasar, Bali - you can quarantine in Bali. Also people have been reported to arrive in Manado, and quarantine there.  

What are the quarantine hotels in Bali?
Find the full Bali quarantine hotel & resort list here. Currently these 5 hotels are operating as official Bali Quarantine Hotels. More hotels will be added to the list in the next days, we're keeping you posted!

Grand Hyatt Nusa Dua
Westin Resort
Griya Santrian
Royal Tulip

During quarantine at one of the 'bubble' hotels guests can use designated hotel facilities such as pool, restaurants, gym, etc, which are strictly separated from facilities for regular guests. 

If you're still entering Indonesia first through Jakarta, here's the full list:
>> Quarantine hotels in Jakarta We had a great stay at Ayana. 

Which countries are allowed to fly to Bali?
All international visitors can now fly into Bali, there are no countries that are currently not allowed to enter. 

What visa do I need to enter Bali?
All travelers are now allowed on the B211 Visa. Before it was used for 'business' but not it's destined as a visit visa for tourists as well. Children of all ages also need a visa. It takes aut 7-10 working days to receive your visa from your agency. 

We have listed our Bali Visa agency's for your below, which we can recommend to apply for your Business Visa for Bali. We are daily receiving happy messages from followers their visas were arranged smoothly! 

  1. Greta from Bali Solve. You can contact her through WhatsApp on +62 812 37726811 or send a DM on their Instagram.

  2. Arum from Bali business consulting. You can contact him through what’s app on + 628174752929

  3. Bali Together Agency. You can contact them through Direct Message on Instagram @balitogether_agency

Make sure to mention 'Welikebali'when you reach out. When you’ve arranged your visa with one of them let us know and you’ll receive a free Bali eGuide from us! Just send us a screenshot of your confirmed visa & we’ll send it over to you to enjoy.

Proof of vaccine
All travelers need to show proof of vaccination. So unfortunately for now, without vaccination it's not yet possible to fly into Indonesia (exceptions are made if you have an exception letter from your doctor / hospital).

For kids Indonesia made it mandatory to be vaccinated starting at age 12. The PCR tests are needed for kids of all ages.

Health insurance 
Last time we flew into Indonesia we needed to show our health insurance papers. So make sure you have these on hand! You need an insurance that covers Covid.

So, what documents do you need to show when entering Indonesia?
- Passport (make sure it's at least 6 more months valid, some agencies require 1 year valid)
- A valid Visa / Stay Permit (see above for our trusted Visa Agents)
- A health certificate in English and a negative PCR test result issued within 48 hours (3x24hour) prior to departure for Indonesia
- A completed electronic Health Alert Card / e-HAC*
- Your proof of vaccine / QR Code
- A valid health insurance for your stay in Indonesia
- Proof of the booking of your Quarantine Hotel
- And they will ask you to sign a statement of willingness to comply with local quarantine requirements and to pay for the expenses that may occur during a required treatment at a local medical facility.

So far! Let us know if you have any more questions. Sea you in Bali!
Xx Pris & Eve

Note that changes appear very sudden, so keep an eye on our Instagram to find out about the latest updates. 

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February 06, 2023


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February 09, 2022

Wat super fijn jullie informatie
Daar heb ik echt wat aan , heel tof.

We willen eind aug graag naar Bali komen voor de achtste keer, ik lees 5 dagen quarantaine op bali, kan ik een van die hotels dan boeken via booking of moet dat op een andere manier.

Gr joyce

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