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Beach Club Villa Bali

May 30, 2017

Beach Club Villa Bali

Everybody LOVES Canggu. But, what we LOVE even more, is finding that place of serenity tucked away from the crowds, and more into Bali life. After our incredible weekend exploring tropical lush paradise Nusa Penida (full travel guide post coming up next week!) we settled down in Pererenan for a few days. A rice paddy surrounded neighborhood up north in Canggu. We surfed our favorite waves, strolled along small streets for the always on exploration good food and stayed up late on hot balmy balcony nights listening to nothing but the sound of the ocean and counting the stars at our home away from home Bali Beach Club Villa.

It was salty, serene, luxurious, dreamhouse-goals and living islandlife at it's best. We made a little photo diary of this Islandstay and scroll down for a little write-up and tips for good food & things to (not) do if you're staying in Pererenan area!

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Beach Club Villa Bali CangguBeach Club Villa Bali Canggu Beach Club Villa Bali Canggu Beach Club Villa Bali Canggu
The view from the balcony!Beach Club Villa Bali Canggu
Beach Club Villa Bali CangguBeach Club Villa Bali Canggu Beach Club Villa Bali CangguBeach Club Villa Bali CangguBed & Bathroom Goals!!Beach Club Villa Bali Canggu Beach Club Villa Bali Canggu Beach Club Villa Bali Canggu Beach Club Villa Bali Canggu Beach Club Villa Bali Canggu
Honeeeeey, we're home!
Beach Club Villa Bali Canggu
Faithfull the Brand. AlwaysBeach Club Villa Bali Canggu Beach Club Villa Bali Canggu
Catwalk Junkie x Faithfull the Brand x Marho slides Beach Club Villa Bali Canggu
The sweetest staff!!Beach Club Villa Bali Canggu Beach Club Villa Bali Canggu Beach Club Villa Bali Canggu Beach Club Villa Bali Canggu
When you wake up and feel gangsta. Haha. Fave Gooseberry Intimates velvet bodysuitsBeach Club Villa Bali Canggu
And our Fave Gooseberry Seaside Onepiece!Beach Club Villa Bali Canggu
The open space living room. A dream.Beach Club Villa Bali Canggu
Our sisa Kimmie came over for a little hang!Beach Club Villa Bali Canggu Beach Club Villa Bali Canggu
Driveway goals. Lily Jean x Boamar Swimwear x Our own Rotan Islandlife Roundie BagBeach Club Villa Bali CangguBeach Club Villa Bali Canggu
Dancing by the pool in Boamar SwimBeach Club Villa Bali Canggu
Tropical dreaming in Boamar SwimBeach Club Villa Bali Canggu
In love with this print! Boamar SwimBeach Club Villa Bali Canggu Beach Club Villa Bali CangguEssentials! Marho slides x Welikebali Islandlife Travel Guide x our Islandlife Roundie Bag x Frank Bod coffee scrub (gift from our sisa Kimmie!)

This Bali dreamhouse is located on Pererenan Beach. Looking out over the best breaks of Echo- and Pererenan Beach. Waking up, watching the tide and deciding the best time to splash in was the biggest luxury ever! Each morning, throwing on a bikini, grabbing a quick banana for some proteine, slipping of the cover of the board and strolling outside to get into the line-up and surf for 3 hours in a row... Life is absolutely GOOD! Perfect for families, a group of friends or couples who're looking for a relaxed, serene surf stay away from the party crowds.

Bali Beach Club Villa is a 3 bedroom villa with a huge garden and pool. Owned by the sweetest family with a huge LOVE for surf. Downstairs there's a big, spacious living room and absolutely Pinterest worthy kitchen and a cute bedroom and bathroom. We could really feel this house was actually made to LIVE in, (as some Airbnb / Booking.com houses are especially made for tourists, we notice sometimes a lot of things are missing in the kitchen or nice sitting places for instance!). In this dream house, everything was there and we could really live here for a few days and it felt like home. Upstairs there are 2 big bedrooms with sliding doors to the balcony, overlooking the Indian ocean and surfbreaks of Pererenan and Echo Beach. With a clear sky we could see all the way to Uluwatu.


Surf & Beach
Best break out front on Pererenan Beach. Or more to the left you'll find Echo Beach. And a bit further you'll find Batu Bolong, perfect for beginners and long boarders. Walk outside the garden for a beach stroll. Line up can get crowdy. Watch the sunrise and sunset from the balcony.

- Kinoa: just around the corner you'll find this cute little place with delicious healthy food + fresh brownies from the oven every day! Little garden in the back with seats under the umbrella and rice field views out front
- The neighborhood's best pizza as we've heard you can find at Birra e Pizza(haven't tried, let us know if you loved it!)
- Our regular faves Shady Shack, Warung Koi or The Slow (if you don't feel like driving out just order via Go-Jek) (More faves in our Travel Guide here!)

- Maria Curau: the first non-toxic vegan nail spa in Bali, with the sweetest and most passionate owner Tatiana! Amazing nail art. Also awesome for your after surf footreflexology or massage for the little ones (one kid was snoring too cute when we we're getting our nails done!). The salon looks absolutely Pinterest-worthy and the little swinging chairs in front are too cute.
- Gold Dust: located on Batu Bolong, worth the drive. Massage and gold face mask are next level! Not super local or cheap but worth the experience.

- The villa offers free day passes at the Canggu Club! So get ready for a game of tennis, go for a swim or hit the gym or daily classes.
- Go for a beach run just out front or do a little yoga sesh on the lawn in the garden
- The Canggu Club: barre, pilates, Tahitian, TRX, booty fit, dancehall. Everything you need to get in shape in a fun way!

Sunset / Hangout
- Walk to our favourite sunset and all-day hangout The Lawn via the beach or drive there in 5 minutes!


    • EVERYTHING. For us it's islandlife to it's perfection. Best food around the corner. Friends close. Beach out front. Surf.
    • Superfast wifi if you need to get some work done. Or Netflix & Chill.
    • Best beds. Ever. Sliding doors for fresh salty air or aircon to cool down.
    • A pool with comfy sunbeds and huge garden. Perfect to soak up the sun and relax all day.
    • This dreamhouse overlooks the waves and within 1 minute you'll be be in the line-up. Need we say more. Bye.
    • Bathroom goals. And lots of closet space. YES.
    • Breakfast is included, prepared by the sweetest girls!
    • A kitchen to cook big dinners for friends! To enjoy on the balcony or big table in the living room. And otherwise there's always Go-Jek for home-delivery from your fave cafes in Canggu, like.
    • Close to everything you need. And far enough to be away from the crowds. Surrounded by rice fields. Pererenan is more Bali life than Canggu center itself. Friendly faces, Balinese local living, no party.
    • Only 5 a 10 minutes drive by bike to Batu Bolong and Echo Beach with all our fave cafes and coffee spots (Take the shortcut at Samedi / Leiday Hostel)
    • Family and kids friendly!

Check out Bali Beach Club Villa here. We'll be back here soon, can't wait!

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Beach Club Villa Bali Canggu

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