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Leia's first beach day x Bugaboo

July 06, 2024

Leia's first beach day x Bugaboo

Prayed for this our whole life and now we finally could make it happen. Brought our little ray of sunshine to the beach for the first time. Dreamed of this moment from the moment we felt pregnant. Lucky to be in Biarritz - France, where we gave birth to Leia Soleil and being able to go for beach walks along the ocean with our Dragonfly Bugaboo. Such a great stroller for in town and to bring everywhere we go. Since we are always on the go so much and travelling a lot with Leia we got the dad Diaper bag color Desert Taupe as well. Comes in super handy! 

We were so lucky to have such beautiful weather in the heart of winter. Leia was born in November and we decided to stay in France to give birth there due to Bali Bowls, Arns health food cafe in town which was still open. Nothing bad about it, 'cause we could have Acai every day, our number 1 craving while pregnant lol. 

Leia loved it, she was only 2 weeks old, felt asleep listening to the waves rolling in and we even took her out of the Bugaboo for a bit of sunshine. These little moments make us so happy (also sunshine makes us verrrry happy). Feeling blessed we are able to enjoy this life now as a little family. Hopefully Leia will love the beach and sunshine as much as her parents do! Can't wait to actually take her into the water and teach her how to surf! #bless 




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