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Island stay: Ceylon Villas Ubud

February 02, 2022

Island stay: Ceylon Villas Ubud

We went for a little Ubud getaway, to soak up all the lush green serenity in the midst of rainy season. We had Ceylon Villas on our list for a while to visit, we we're excited to finally stay here.

Ceylon Villas in Ubud is an incredibly stunningly designed island stay, just outside of Ubud city. Imagine your dream home in the middle of the rice fields - and you'll picture Ceylon. Palm trees swayed right outside our door, and we woke up to the sound of only birds and ducks in the rice paddies. It is truly the perfect place to ease down recharge

Ceylon villas is a contemporary complex of five private villas. All having breathtaking views from their private decks, pool and balcony. We stayed in the largest two-bedroom villa (we linked it on Airbnb here!). The photos and our Instagram posts here speak for itself, look at those amazing glass walls in the bedroom (it feels like you're sleeping in the jungle, surrounded by banana trees!) and the bathroom is goals. Every detail in the house is so well-styled - and we loved that every piece of furniture was specifically designed and locally fabricated. Make sure to rise early, the sunrise over Mount Agung is absolulutely spectacular

While beautifully located in a quiet area surrounded by local homes away from the crowds - Ceylon is only a 10-minute drive to the street, where you'll find our favorite restaurants Milk & Madu and La Baracca (we like!). Also Ubud main center is close as well as the must-see Tegalalang Ricefields (if only there were waves, we'd spend every weekend here:).

Enjoy our photo diary of our stay at Ceylon Villas in Ubud - make sure to let us know if you're staying at Ceylon and share your experience with us! 


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