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5000 meals distributed to the people in Bali: THANK YOU!

July 15, 2020

5000 meals distributed to the people in Bali: THANK YOU!

THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU. Words could never express how thankful we are for all your amazing support for the people in Bali during the pandemic - who have lost their jobs, have no income to buy food or pay for their rent. In the past weeks, since we launched our Face Masks for Baliwe've been able to donate more than 5.000 warm meals together with Nasi Bungkus Tetangga, all thanks to YOU!

We've been taking you live with us helping out with our friends at Nasi Bungkus Tetangga on our Instagram stories (if you haven't check out our stories highlight 'NBT') and hopefully showed you how your support has made a huge difference to the people in Bali.

We've been distributing nasi bungkus packages around neighborhoods and have visited the camps in Serangan, where we donated supplies to 200 people who live in tents with no support. It was heartbreaking to see the situation they are living in yet also heartwarming to see so much hope, smiles and gratitude. Nasi Bungkus Tetangga has also teamed up with @solidaritaspanganbali to distribute more fresh, warm meals. We are so thankful that YOU made this possible!

On all of these days we cried, smiled, laughed and talked to so many beautiful people and we're looking forward to continuing helping out wherever we can.

Our deepest respect for founders Indah and Fitri (YOU ARE AMAZING!) and everyone who has joined to help out, volunteered and donated. Feby, Happy, Kristin, Kayla, Kim, Caroline, Patricia, Yenny, Carla and so many more. Together we got this, together we'll get through this and together can make such a big difference, to help those in need, on the island we all love so dearly!

What can you do to support?

We just restocked our last batch of handmade Face Masks on pre-order in our online store (with 1 face mask you can feed 10 people!), but if you would like to donate directly to Nasi Bungkus Tetangga, you can transfer your donations to fitrisupardi@gmail.com via PayPal. 

We also received many DM's on Instagram from people currently in Bali who would love to help out. Check out all these amazing initiatives below as well that can use any type of support, donations, food, supplies or your voluntary work.

More amazing initiatives in Bali that are helping the local communities in Bali during this crisis.

Shop our Face Masks for Bali, 100% profit donation.


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☀️ THANK YOU! ☀️ Together with your donations & face mask orders we were able to support @nbtbali to deliver food and essential daily living supplies to 200 Indonesian people living in tent camps in Serangan. We brought the supplies with the team yesterday and had the most amazing and emotional day. It was heartbreaking to see the situation they are living in yet also heartwarming to see so much hope, smiles and gratitude. In the upcoming weeks @nbtbali will bring more fresh, warm meals 🙏🏽 We are so thankful that YOU made this possible! There are so many people on the island right now that need your help as they have no work, no money, no food because there is no tourism. We also suggested many other amazing initiatives and charities on @welikebali stories and website that you can donate to. Every little bit helps! Our Face Masks are 15,- euros each and 100% off the profit will be donated! For everyone who ordered our Face Masks: most of you have already received yours but for all of you still waiting we need a little more of your patience as we experienced some delay in shipping, we expect to send them out to you next week 🙏🏽 thank you again for all your support! #facemasksforbali #serangan #baliCOVID #welikebali #bali

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THANK YOU! 🙏🏽 Yesterday was another amazing and emotional day, together with @nbtbali we visited a kos kosan (small rooms) where Indonesian families live, that are for months without work now. @fitrisupardi received a phone call that the situation for these families is at it’s lowest point right now, hungry and helpless. And look at the smiles of these beautiful people, it’s incredible how they keep on smiling although they are going through such a tough time. We were able to bring these families food for 2 weeks, thanks to the amazing organization of @fitrisupardi and @indahkalalo and their team we could feed over 80 people. And THANKS to YOU up to today we have been able to make 3000 meals for these and other families in Bali 💜🙏🏽 Your orders and donations have made all of this possible. From the bottom of our heart and all the people that have a meal today; THANK YOU 💛 TERIMA KASIH! And an update on all your pre-orders: your face masks are as we speak on it’s way from Bali to Amsterdam to get ready to be send to you! #giveback #bali

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