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Film diary: Niang Niang Beach for Earth Club - Welikebali x Hotel Magique x Batik Boy

March 22, 2022

Film diary: Niang Niang Beach for Earth Club - Welikebali x Hotel Magique x Batik Boy

Early morning, sun rises, empty stretch of white sand beach - we are at the stunning Niang Niang beach to shoot our limited-edition Earth Club t-shirt in collaboration with Hôtel Magique and Batik Boy Radio. 

We brought it back in a new colorway 'ocean blue' - as a special edition for World Water Day. Again 100% of the profit goes to Sungai Watch, a project to clean Indonesia’s rivers to prevent plastic from entering the ocean.

We're together with Jodie & Davey to shoot, and Ruben Beeris as photographer for the campaign. Enjoy a little bts diary on film by us. And make sure to order yours before Tuesday 5th of April 2022.

The new Earth Club t-shirt will be worldwide, online available for 14 days only, exclusively through welikebali.com and hotelmagique.com.

After the 5th of April shop will close - and your pre-orders will be ethically produced in Bali. This way we avoid overproduction and will not keep stock. We expect your t-shirt to be shipped around 22 April. Check our delivery times when your shirt is estimated to arrive with you.

Pre-order now.

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