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Plant based & doing good: GIVE Canggu

September 22, 2020

Plant based & doing good: GIVE Canggu

You can have the famous Nasi Campur (a reason on it’s own you want to book a ticket to Bali for!) completely plant based at GIVE. If we can we eat here every day for lunch or dinner. We absolutely love how this proves you really do not need meat or animal products to eat delicious, tasty food. The owners of KYND in Seminyak, Lauren and Corryn set up this non-profit vegan warung, that not only looks pretty amazing but also donates 100% of the profits to local charities in Bali. Like any normal local warung you can choose your type of rice (white, brown or yellow) and add your favorite dishes by pointing them out in the vitrine. But they also serve smoothie bowls and other fresh juices, raw cakes and vegan ice cream. Expect all smiles and good vibes!

Tip: they also recently published a cookbook with their favorite Indonesian plant-based dishes. Perfect now during COVID when you’re missing Bali and you want to have that GIVE dinner in your own kitchen. You can check out the GIVE eBook here. And yes, also 100% of the profit from this book will go to charity. We love you!

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