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Nail Art Salon House of Orange, Berawa

February 02, 2022

Nail Art Salon House of Orange, Berawa

You know how much we like cruising around the island discovering new places and to carefully pick our favorite spots to share with you. Well, House of Orange is one to put on your list when you're planning your trip to Bali! This stunning contemporary salon is the newest kid on the block in Berawa, Canggu. Lotte Oskamp, a fellow Dutchie, founded it. Lotte is a nail artist, doing fashion shows all over the world. Her Bali salon is her newest adventure in her career and island loving life. 

When visiting her Bali nail art salon for the first time, the beautiful golden afternoon light welcomed us in - we got to cool down from the tropical heat with the most delicious iced matcha with almond milk (we already knew we would want to come back only for the matcha from now on, yum!). We took a seat on her eye-stunning couch and after a chill relaxing chat with Lotte (tune in for a full on chat about life and her Bali business later in our upcoming Bali course!) our nails were treated with 'BIAB' (BIAB stands for 'builder in a bottle' and is a builder gel, you can create strong nails without damaging the natural nail underneath). And we can say it doesn't only look gorgeous - our nails are stronger than ever (which usually is tough because of every day surfing) and looking good! 

Anyway, long story short: nothing but love love love for Lotte and her House of Orange - we already came back a few times for more matcha and nail art. 

Let us know if you're visiting or show us your beautiful nail art when you went there & say hi to Lotte!

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