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How we edit our Instagram photos and videos

February 01, 2018

How we edit our Instagram photos and videos

Hi sunshine friends! Been a while since our last blog post. But, this one, however, couldn't wait any second longer. We get daily questions about: "How do you edit your Instagram photos?"
"How do you get that effect over your videos in Insta Stories?"
So, it's about time to answer it in a more proper way than a DM reply :)

Get ready, cause we're spilling (almost) ALL our editing secrets!

PS. We made a short video about this last July but didn't have the time to upload it yet, oops! Hehe. We take you step by step through the process how we shoot and edit our photos. Would you still like us to upload it? Let us know in the comments we would LOVE to hear.

Here we go, the most asked questions about photo editing in our DM's:

Which camera do we use?

We both have the Iphone 10+. We can't imagine a smaller phone as we practically live on it. As we are traveling a lot we work on this phone like a laptop :) And for photo editing it's perfect. The cameras are insane good, and they have a portrait function that allows that blurry background effect. Almost ALL our photos that you see on Instagram are made with our iPhones. We find it also easier to catch the moment with a quick reach in our bag for our phone, which is more our style of Instagramming.

For our online shopand Bali Travel Guides(HUGE PS Our new Canggu Guide launching within a week!), we use our Fuji XT-10 (we usually buy our camera gear at Kamera Express in Amsterdam - because our guy 'Eis' is the best! Nope not sponsored.) The new model is a Fuji XT-20. We have the regular 18-55mm lens and an extra Fujifilm XF 35mm F/1.4 lens.Sometimes we use these photos for Instagram as well. We love it because it's mirrorless so it's small, lightweight and easy to travel with. The photos tend to have more depth and a richness that goes way beyond any iPhone photo. We actually should more with our Fuji, hihi.

We also both have an analog 35mm camera which we bought on Marktplaats (It's like a Dutch eBay. Eve's brother David always spots the best camera's!) Of which you saw some photos on the feed lately. And, we have a GoPro.Which we use for photos and videos. But our underwater casings have been broken for a while so (last GoPro photos and videos we made out at sea we're here in Sumba!) we need to get ourselves a new one. Really want to buy one in Hawaii this weekend so we can make some cool ocean and surf shots next week!

Oh, and we also have vlog camera, the Canon GX7. We film all our trips, but we rarely take time to edit the videos, eeek! A few of our vlogs are online here on our YouTube Channel.

Catching the moment with iPhone.

Capturing memories with iPhone (Post-engagement proposal day!)

Tropicana life, shot with our Fuji XT-10 and 35mm lens in Bali

Analog nerdies (yes we still need to watch a YouTube movie how to load film)

Last month in Marrakech. Furry friend shot with analog Minolta 35mm

GoPro fun... so much love for this.

Which apps do we use to edit our Instagram photos?

We use Lightroom for mobile (with our own made presets) and VSCO! Forever favorite photo editing app. We switch filters from time to time and play around with the settings. We have a VSCO X membership, which allows us to use all filters and we're the first to get updates. We love the A-series, which has an analog kinda vibe, the C-series for its colorful feel and the F-series for a mellow but bright touch. We previously added grain to photos but we stopped doing that, now loving a more crisp look. A filter is so personal, so pick something that you personally LOVE.

1. Upload the photo in VSCO
2. Add filter
3. Add contrast and exposure
4. Edit saturation.
5. Save

You can save your special edit as a 'recipe' and add this to a batch of photos at once.

VSCO TIP: If you are in a too dark or overexposed kinda situation (for instance when the sky turns white on your photo while it's actually bright blue), use the VSCO Camera instead of the regular iPhone camera. You can manually focus and adjust the exposure.

And nope we don't use Facetune. Ok ok, maybe we did once to remove a pimple or something. But would never want to give a false picture of reality. A filter already makes a photo prettier than the real-life situation. Everyone is perfect the way they are and should need to adjust anything on their body. We make each other crazy doing this.

iPhone snapshot edited with VSCO. Good times at The Lawn in Canggu

What apps do we use to create the filter over our (Insta Stories) videos?

We love to play around with video. So, now it's a vintage kinda filter we use, but maybe next week we'll be loving something else, haha.

But, at the moment there are 3 apps that we use. The first is VSCO. With a VSCO X membership, you can add any VSCO filter to your videos. This absolutely the BEST thing ever.

The second app we currently use for the 'vintage' style effect is VidLab. We're sure there are tons of apps like this, but we personally love this one. The effect we use is called 'Retro Film' (you need to buy the package). You can also add more clips to a video, make video collages or add music or other effects. If you want to add music you need to have the music in your phone library.

The third app is called Unfold. You can play around with your photo's & videos. They have such great templates & beautiful lay outs. What we love as well is that you're able to create a whole story which you can then upload 1 by 1 on your IG story. We love being a little creative with this app!

Step 1: Add VSCO Filter to video
Step 2: Add Effect in VidLab
Step 3: Add music (optional) in Vidlab
Step 4: Play around with the cool templates from Unfold
Step 5: Save and upload to your Instagram Stories (it will appear on top of your camera roll, SO GOOD)

TIP: We don't record our Insta Stories videos IN Insta Stories. We use the 'normal' iPhone camera to make a video. And don't edit and post on the spot, as we want to be in the moment as much s possible. Otherwise, we'll be staring at our screens all day, not fun at all. Once we're home in the evening and feet are up on the couch. We'll edit the videos of the day and upload them at once in Insta Stories.

How do we keep our Instagram feed beautiful?

There are many apps that you can use to keep your Instagram feed fluid. Sometimes you have a bunch of amazing photos but will make your feed messy. Or you want to color coordinate it a bit. We personally love to use Snug. Super easy to use! Simply add photos from your library to see how it looks in your feed, without having to post. And shuffle them around (tap on the photo to move it) till you find a nice looking sequence for your Insta feed.

We hope you loved our tips! If you have any more questions just drop a comment below.

PS Follow us this week in Hawaii!
Pris & Eve Xx

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