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How to get a Bali visa + Which visa do you need? (2022)

September 13, 2022

How to get a Bali visa + Which visa do you need? (2022)


You’re planning your trip to Bali and one of the most important things you need to arrange is your visa. With Bali being back open after no travelers could enter on tourist visa for two years, all kind of different changing rules and regulations on entering Indonesia applied - so we’re not surprised we still receive daily questions on ‘what Visa do I need for Bali’? ‘How long can I stay?’ and ‘do you have a contact for my visa extension or business visa?’ With the help of our well-trusted Bali visa agent and local sources, we’re answering all your questions in this post!

PS. Scroll all the way down to find our BALI TRAVEL RULES & REGULATIONS 2022 with the latest updates and rules of traveling to Bali.


The reason for your visit to Indonesia and the length of your stay is key for deciding on which visa you need. Here you’ll find the most popular visa types:

1. Visa on Arrival - 30 days

Are you traveling to Bali for your Holiday? And staying less than 30 days? You can buy a Visa on Arrival (VOA) online before departure here or at the airport in Bali for 35 USD. You can pay in cash (rupiah, usd, ausd or euro) or with creditcard. You’ll get a small ticket that they will insert into you passport, and before picking up your luggage, the immigration officer at the counter will stamp your passport. Within 30 days you will need to leave the country - it is a single entry visa, so you can use it once. If you plan on staying longer, check the visa options below. If you overstay on a 30 days Visa on Arrival you’ll need to pay 1 million Rupiah (about 70 usd) fine per day.  

2. Visa on Arrival - 60 days

This is the same Visa on Arrival you will need to buy, the only thing is that you will need to process an extension for the second 30 days of your VOA.  

How to get a Visa on Arrival extension?
Contact a Bali Visa Agent to process your VOA extension. You can also do it yourself at the immigration office but we highly recommend to work with a local company with the know how and team to make it easy and smooth for you. 

  • Start your process two weeks before your Visa on Arrival expiries (so two weeks after you arrive in Bali). Due due to high demand we recommend to contact a visa agent in the first week of arriving in Bali, to plan ahead.
  • Make an appointment with your agent to give your passport and pay the service fee (it costs around 800.000 rupiah for the extention + 350.000 rupiah for the visa agency service) Your passport will stay with your Bali visa agent until your extension is arranged.
  • Your visa agent will schedule your appointment at the Bali immigration office in Jimbaran before your 30th day in Bali. 
  • A few days or a week after you can pick-up your passport at your Bali visa agent (some agents provide pick-up and drop-off services).

Done! Now you can officially stay until a maximum of 60 days in Bali.

Most Visa agents also offer express services (when you’re on short notice to get your extension done or need your passport back quicker after the extension) for additional costs.

3. E-Visa B211 | Tourism or Business 

If you’re planning on traveling to Bali for longer than 60 days or for business purpose, you can online apply for a E-Visa B211. This visa is valid for 60 days and can be extended maximum 4 times, with 30 days per extention. So with this visa it will allow you to approximately stay 6 months in total in Indonesia without leaving the country. It is a single-entry visit visa, so that means if in that meantime you travel outside of Indonesia, this visa will expire and you’ll have to apply for a new visa.

There are now two types of B211A visas: tourism purpose and business purpose. With Indonesia having reopened business purpose B211A is only necessary if you are looking to acquire Limited Stay Permit onshore.

Note that this is not a working permit; Indonesia allows to visit for product sourcing, meetings, investment visits, conference or other similar activities. So it does not allow any other type of work!

How to apply for a B211 visa before your trip to Bali?

Contact our agent Bali Solve to arrange your Visa. 

  • Start your process viainfo@balisolve.com or Whatsapp our agent Greta and her team on +62 812-3772-6811 (mention you came via ‘Welikebali’!). 
  • You will be asked to send over your documents and passport photographs that they need to help you apply for the B211 visa
  • Important note: your passport will need to be valid for 12 months! 
  • You will receive your B211 visa via e-mail (it’s valid for entry 90 days from the date it was issued).  
  • A few days or a week after you can pick-up your passport at your Bali visa agent (some agents provide pick-up and drop-off services).

Done! Now you can officially fly to Bali! 

What does a B211 Visa cost?

The standard fee for the B211 visa is 4000.000 Rupiah per person (for each age, so kids as well) and the express fee for a faster process is 5.300.000 Rupiah per person. 

How to get the B211 Visa extensions?
Contact a Bali Solve for your extension via Whatsapp our agent on +62 813-3774-9995 (mention you came via ‘Welikebali’). Make sure to be on time to start the process - at the moment due to high demand make sure to request for visa extension around 3 to 4 weeks before the duration of your stay expires.   

What does a B211 visa extension cost?

The B211 extension is 850.000 Rupiah per person, per extension (so per each 30 days after the first 60 days).

What if you are in Bali on a Visa on Arrival but want to stay longer tha 60 days?

You can not switch to another visa when you’re in Bali. So you will need to fly out from Indonesia - and come back on your new visa: either a new Visa on Arrival (maximum 60 days) or B211 Visa (maximum 90 days + 4 x 30 days extendable) You can arrange this with Bali Solve viainfo@balisolve.com or Whatsapp our agent Greta and her team on +62 812-3772-6811 (mention you came via ‘Welikebali’!).

4. Working / Investors Visas 

We do get more questions about the possibilities of starting a business in Bali or living and working in Bali. To find out more make sure to stay tuned for our upcoming Bali Course right here. And if you’re already in need to process a working permist (Kitas) or setting up a local company in Bali, contact our agent Monika from Bali Solve via Whatsapp +62 821-4564-0227 (mention you came via ‘Welikebali’). 


Do I need to be vaccinated when traveling to Bali?

Yes, at the moment to enter Bali all travelers will need to show proof of vaccination of 2 doses or 1 J&J vaccination (for kids under 12 it’s not mandatory). Unfortunately, without vaccination you currently can not enter Indonesia. Even though some websites state otherwise - there is false information where it’s said that you can enter without vaccinations and do quarantine. This is not possible, unless you have a medical exception).

Do I need a negative PCR test upon arrival in Bali?
No, for international travelers at the moment no negative proof of a PCR test is needed to enter Indonesia.

What do I do with the Peduli Lindungi app and e-HAC?
You just need to download the app, and do nothing :) You don’t need to fill in the eHac anymore.

Do I need to quarantine or show proof of hotel booking?
No, this is not mandatory anymore!

Do I need to show that my insurance covers COVID related costs?
On arrival in Bali you do not need to show this at the airport. However, some airlines might be requiring this when checking in. So check with your airline if there are separate mandatory rules to enter your flight.

What are the travel regulations for domestic travel / flying to other islands within Indonesia?

Starting August 26 all travelers of 18 years and older within domestic travel in Indonesia are required to show proof of a booster vaccination. So do note if you’re planning your trip to Bali but also want to fly to other islands, you will need to show proof of a booster shot (a negative PCR test is not accepted anymore). 

NEW UPDATE: at time of posting we received news from well-trusted sources, that although this rule is officially applied, foreign travelers are not being asked for any proof of third / booster vaccination while flying within Indonesia.

Do you have any more Bali Visa or travel questions?
Let us know in the comments or send us a message on Instagram @welikebali and follow us for more daily Bali tips! 

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