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How to get around in Bali

March 29, 2019

How to get around in Bali

One of the most asked questions we get is: how do we get around in Bali? We're sharing our tips for you guys below!

There are lots of ways to get around in Bali. But you might find that the traffic and rules are a bit different than you're used too. For example, in Bali, we drive left and there's a lot of honking. Want to know what the best way is to get around in Bali? We're explaining all the facts to you.

// Motor(bike)

Rent a motorbike or bicycle for cruising. It will cost you around 60 USD per month or 4 USD a day. You can easily rent a motorbike all around Bali, there's rentals services in every town. Make sure you arrange an international driving license in your own country, because it's required when driving a motorbike in Bali. The cops could ask for it and by not having one you could get a fine up to 1 million rupiah. Wear a helmet all the time. Please do.
Honking (toot toot) is a way in Bali traffic to say. ‘here I come’.
Also: Do expect crowds and traffic jams.

// Taxis and Ubers

Want to know how to grab a taxi or uber in Bali and what the best way is to get from the airport to your hotel? We're explaining it here.

// Car (with or without driver)

You can easily rent a car and drive around the island yourself - or rent a car with driver. This is super comfortable and will cost you around 40 euro per day. You can request one via your hotel/stay or you can check our post here for some drivers that we can recommend.

Do expect that some roads aren't really 'car-proof' around here and that it'll take you a bit longer to drive somewhere than you would usually expect. Also, traffic can be hectic because there aren't many rules regarding overtaking.

// Walking

When you're staying in one of the bigger places in Bali, like Seminyak or Canggu it's easy to explore the town by walking around. TIP: download the offline map of Bali, so you can use Google Maps without internet on your phone.

// Bicycling

If you love to bicycle you can rent a bicycle in Canggu. We'd recommend you to bicycle only around there. Traffic in other places like Seminyak is too hectic to have a nice chilled bike ride.

Want to prepare yourself for your Bali trip? Here's what you should pack.

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