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How to support Bali during COVID

April 20, 2020

How to support Bali during COVID

With so much happening in the world and maybe in your life right now too, it's good to take a pause and consider the fact that a lot of people are struggling and suffering right now or will be soon from the impacts of the COVID-19 outbreak. For Bali this means no more tourists coming onto the island and all local businesses slowing or closing down, and with knowing more than 70% of the island depends on tourism, Balinese communities are being hit hard. Leaving families hungry and without any money.

Local initiatives, projects and businesses are working hard to contribute in this time of crisis. It's amazing what we've seen so far! We've been sharing lots of projects on Instagram stories in the past weeks, and we will be sharing them here on the blog with you as well. So you can be up to date and jump in to support and contribute wherever you can!

Maybe Bali is your second home or your upcoming vacation has been canceled and you would love to know how or who to support. These initiatives below would be happy with all of your contributions. And you can make an incredible difference for a Balinese family from your own home wherever in the world.

We are also working on ideas how we can involve all you guys, our incredible Welikebali sunshine tribe! And are currently talking to local friends and partners on this, we will keep you posted!

So let's get to action and spread positivity, sunshine and make waves together to help the communities in Bali survive all this. It's an opportunity to unite and support is all that matters right now!

We'll be updating this blogpost frequently so if you have any initiatives, projects or charities we need to include please send us a DM on our @welikebali Instagram, thank you!


The People must makan 

In collaborating with Bali Life Foundation,Bali photographer Indo Eye is collecting donations to purchase and distribute food supplies to local communities that are currently struggling.


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I’ve taken it upon myself to collect donations to purchase & distribute food supplies to local communities that are currently struggling. For the donators, I’ve offered to gift my drone panoramic image of south Bali. I’ve been working with @balilifefoundation amongst other influential residents in our community to locate individuals and families that are struggling during this economic crisis. In the last 5 days I’ve made three bulk food purchases and each day have distributed supplies. I’ve been documenting everything and posting through my social channels. I’ve been so overwhelmed and have created a GoFundMe page (link in bio) to assist those that are interested in contributing. Thank you so very much to over FIFTY donators that have contributed so far!! Your generosity has made waves! I’ll be sure to stay diligent in my efforts and documentation. Here is a video of our biggest distribution so far that was filmed and edited by @atapjosua If you feel inclined to contribute, please visit the link in my bio. If you don’t have the resources currently, that’s very understandable and we’d really appreciate you spreading the word! Terima Kasih, & let us create positivity together during these harsh times #thepeoplemustmakan ✊🏻

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Feed a Family, by Tresna Bali Cooking School

Adi is doing AMAZING work with her team to organize basic staples from her cooking school to bring to local villages that depend most on tourism. She works with the 'banjar' (village heads) that know which families need it first. She is buying the groceries from local warungs and markets to further support local communities. You can donate to directly feed a family!


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. Adi and I have been watching the durian sellers for weeks. They sit outside with the durian under the brutal sun in the hopes that someone, anyone will stop to buy one. We’re fascinated that they still have hope as we’re one out of one cars out there. Even petrol stations have closed up in the remote areas as everyone is staying at home. . We watch the durian get browner and browner each day. They look like the saddest fruit ever. Even more depressing are the fruit sellers in Kintamani who pile old shrivelled up passionfruit and withered dragonfruit into pyramids. Who do they think will come? We’re seriously the only car zooming around for miles. . We love durian, but we rarely spend our savings on luxuries like durian, even during good times. We broke down 6 days ago and stopped at a rickety stall in front of a cement building with a tin roof, that looked extremely worse for wear. Adi went out to do “the durian deal” as I watched the young family. . The father was busy painting wooden handicrafts while juggling a baby in one arm and holding another toddler back from punching her sister. I was thinking, people live here? In the middle of nowhere? And who is he going to sell his handicrafts to now? . When Adi got back to the car, he could not believe it. The young wife gave him 4 huge durian for IDR 15,000 each. Adi felt so sad that he gave her IDR 100,000 for four. We gave two of the durian to our friends who were volunteering for our Feed A Family program on Easter Sunday. I saw her slapping the cash all over her remaining durian as a thank you to the Gods for her first sale of the day. It was 5 pm. . Two days ago, we drove back up. They had three very sad looking durian on their table. I suspect they’ve been slowly eating them to survive. When Adi and I walked over to where the husband was sitting with the baby, the wife was totally confused. We put down the sacks of rice and handled her the rest of the care package. They could not believe it. . And yes, we overpaid for the three sad durian as well as two kilos of mangosteens on the way out. The more you give, the more you receive. We’ve experienced this all our lives. Trust us.

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Adopt a family 2020
Former prosufer and shaper Dylan Longbottom set up this incredible initiative  helping those who are in need, less fortunate and being affected by the Covid-19 Pandemic. Check out their Instagram to donate!



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Today was our third batch of distribution with so many grateful hearts from all the kind donations received over the weekend. This has made a huge impact on being able to deliver food faster to people in unfortunate circumstances. Just two days after the last delivery, we are so pleased to announce that the third batch of food packages have been successfully delivered to families in villages across the regions of Denpasar and Gianyar. The packages included packets of rice, eggs, fresh vegetables, cooking oil, tinned provisions, tea, a mask, shampoo and soap. Your donation has made a huge difference to a family today and offered relief to some hungry bellies. • Thank you so much to every single one of you who has contributed or spread the word about Adopt A Family Bali! • • Terima kasih and Suksma from all of us and the families, stay safe! • • • #adoptafamily2020 #aaf2020 #fundraising #fundraiser #lovebali #staysafe #gofundme #charity #donation #lovebali #helpingothers #bekind #coronavirus #covid_19 #indonesiamelawancorona #balimelawancorona #balimelawancovid_19 #balibersatu #stayathome #dirumahaja #donate #lifeinbali #balihelp #feedafamily

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Crisis Kitchen Bali

Watch this video, it sais it all!They also ask for food to be dropped off if you can at Jalan Umalas 1 #54 Bali (next to Tropicana Churros Cafe). Because there's not enough time to shop. Most essential are: rice, noodles, eggs, baby milk formula, fresh vegetables. Anything helps! Or drop by to donate cash, and for overseas donations check out this link. With a donation of only 50 USD they can feed 90 people.

Project Nasi

Project Nasi has been set up by a group of Australian entrepreneurs and help to organize the bare essentials to Balinese in desperate need of supplies, in order to help communities survive the impacts of the COVID-19 outbreak. You can check this link for donations!


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PROJECT NASI - Our mission is to alleviate the stress for locals in Bali of providing for a family without an income by supplying them with food and essentials. 🍚🌾 #ProjectNasi

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The Lawn Canggu with Lawn Fridays

The team of The Lawn Canggu has started a heartwarming way to give back. While they've closed doors due to the COVID situation they found a way to continue their Lawn Friday good vibes by providing 'lunch on us' every Friday 12-2pm. They're handing out takeaway boxes of lunch for those who need it.

Seacircus Food Fund

One of Bali's most popular cafes is stepping up to contribute. They've started a food fund, check out their fundraising page here to find out how to help!


Indosole, Room4Dessert & HouseofPNNY: Getting food to the people

Bali based brand Indosole has always been about giving back. And for this project they've teamed up with the greatest island chef Will Goldfarb's restaurant Room4Dessert in Ubud to provide food for those in need. You can also contribute by shopping with Indosole as they're using it's profit to getting food to the people.
1 pair of Indosole flip-flops feeds 3 hungry people
1 pair of Indosole slides feeds 5 hungry people.
1 Community Assist T-Shirt feeds 20 hungry people
Check out this link for all info and how to join!


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We are putting a portion of our sales towards meals for people who need them. The formula is simple: 1 pair of Indosole flip-flops feeds 3 hungry people 1 pair of Indosole slides feeds 5 hungry people. 1 Community Assist T-Shirt feeds 20 hungry people As a solutions company we feel a responsibility to help out wherever we can. We’ve chosen to do this through food. We’re working with Will Goldfarb and the Room4Dessert team to make this happen. Over the past few weeks, they’ve been distributing nutritious house-cooked meals to their friends in the Balinese hospitality industry who have lost their jobs because of Covid. The trickle-down effect of this project is pretty significant. It supports hospitality workers and their families of course, but it also keeps small-scale farms in business. So, it’s about feeding people, feeding them well, and sustaining responsible, non-conventional farming methods that are at risk of being lost as more hotels and restaurants close. We have worked with House of PNNY (@houseofpnny) in the past through our Community Assist (@communityassist) collaboration and have joined forces again to help with this Covid situation. When we both heard about this initiative, it instantly hit a chord. Together we knew this was the initative we wanted to support. They’ve designed a special edition t-shirt (CA1 - All On You) which we’re selling at our flagship store for Rp.500,000 – all of the profits of which will go towards distributing Room4Dessert meals. So, by purchasing one t-shirt you can help feed 20 people. And we think that’s pretty special. This project launches today. We’re calling on everyone to participate, whether that’s by purchasing a pair of Indosoles or a Community Assist t-shirt, donating money or collaborating with us to add more thoughtful products to our sales list. Send us an email, DM us on Instagram, or come and see us in-store. Read the full version of this story on our blog. Link in bio.

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