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Surf, stay & eat well at Kosta Berawa & Good Mantra

October 08, 2020

Surf, stay & eat well at Kosta Berawa & Good Mantra

Surf, sleep, swim, eat (vegan), repeat. It's really all that the new Kosta is vibrantly representing. New in town is boutique hostel Kosta. After opening their first hostel in Seminyak 3 years ago, Kosta is now also open in Canggu. It's colorful, vibrant and islandstyle. Just how we like it.

You can book a private room, shared room or go for the lowest budget option: bunk beds. All the rooms are surrounding the pool, and the top deck has a yoga space. 

For learning how to surf you're in the rift place. Owners Feby (read all about her here!)& local pro-surfer Tipi are actively involved in the local surf scene and arrange top notch surf classes for their guests.

The hostel is located in the heart of Berawa, close to all our favorite neighborhood cafes. Yet... non is that necessary because Kosta is opening a restaurant downstairs 'Good Mantra'. 

It’s a plant-based restaurant - conscious cocktails with toot to table concept. From an all-day breakfast to dinner served with local craft beers & wine.

At Good Mantra they work with local farmers, producers & artisans. They use organic whenever possible, to cook up the freshest and most flavorful dishes. Good Mantra choose to work with the seasons and to support our local community and farmers.

Check availability at Kosta Canggu here.



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