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KYND Community: plant-based paradise

November 15, 2017

KYND Community: plant-based paradise

Sometimes a hotspot turns into our all-time favorite. With KYND, we’re in love for life. It’s tropical, it’s good vibes, it’s amazing vegan food but above all: it’s spreading their good vibes far beyond it’s pretty pink walls. KYND Community is a plant-based cafe in the midst of buzzing Seminyak and now also has their own cookbook, vegan warung sister GIVE in Canggu – which is donating 100% of the profit to local charities, vegan ice cream shop and new to the family is Peacezza. A plant-based pizza delivery service. Believe us, once you’ve got a taste of this you’ll want to order this every singe day. Start drooling over the Peacezza menu right here.  

We must say – the Instagram crowd has gone wild (sorry we might have had a hand in this :) so do expect full on social shoots happening before food is actually being eaten. So: get in early! They open at 6am already… we usually meetup for brekkie 7:30. Always hungry anyway.

Brekkies with our bestie Kimmie

A Meeting of the Mindful, first event by KYND!

We bought two of these from In The Soulshine! Fave shirt for life!Nothing makes a girl happier than flowers! Fave suit by SWF Boutique

Vegan cookies from Mindful Munchies, yum!

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