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Our Bali Balcony make-over!

April 11, 2020

Our Bali Balcony make-over!

Now our flights have been canceled (we had planned to fly out from Amsterdam to Pris in Bali this week for the next months!) and not going anywhere it's time to create that Bali feeling at home when we can't go to our Bali home. We simply need to make the best of this quarantine-time! Have you seen our 10 ways to create that Bali feeling at home and #BALIathome challenge already? Check it out here!

We're pretty lucky to have an amazing apartment in Amsterdam and have been spending more time here since Manua was born last year. We live by the water and there's even a beach! Our neighborhood IJburg is actually a small island outside the center. A little bit of islandlife in the city, haha. We have a beautiful sunny balcony with a view, but actually never took the time to make it a nice place to hang out! As we're renting this place and usually on and off to Bali and this project has just been postponing.

So, it's time for a Bali Balcony make-over!

What did we do?

We made it empty (had some old wooden furniture on it, brought it to my dad as he loves to use it to make into something new), cleaned it and got everything with online shopping at Karwei!

First, we covered the floor with a nice and tropical looking outdoor rug. I actually had the idea to paint it white with concrete paint, but I checked with our housing association where we rent it from and they said we weren't allowed too. But this rug works even better actually cause it's nice and soft for Manua to crawl on (he is not walking yet, maybe any time now though!).

Then I went online shopping at Karwei for outside furniture. There was a lot, so it was hard to choose! I wanted it to look Bali pretty but most of all also wanted it to be safe for Manua. He is now almost 1,5 years old so he loves to climb on EVERYTHING. So, I had to choose furniture not too high or too light so he moves around with it and climbs it anyway.

I ended up choosing a beautiful wooden pallet bench with lounge pillows. I added a tropical green side table and two wire chairs in the same color tones. They are super comfortable and I love that they're not blocking the view, as I want to keep our balcony spacious and open. I added a comfy lounge pillow for on the ground (for future quarantanning sessions), a beautiful rattan basket that I fell in love with when I laid eyes on it (actually saw it's been made in Indonesia so that fits the theme perfectly!) some warm plaids so we can sit outside in chillier evenings as well, cute cushions (a few are still on its way I'll show you those later!), some small finishing touches like these incredible cute palm tree plates and a beautiful outdoor palm plant with light grey ceramic pot.

Before and after!

I think I'll add one more palm plant cause I love that tropical lush vibe. Maybe some bamboo against the glass to make it cozier but Manua actually LOVES to look outside and point our all the doggies and cars he sees, haha. So we might just leave it like this.

I am so happy with the result! It all came together after spending hours in the online shop at Karwei haha and we've been hanging out here outside now all day, especially now the sun is out in Amsterdam! We eat, play with Manua and even work outside. I have our balcony doors open when we're inside and it feels like our living room grew a few extra meters.

Although we hope to be back on our tropical islandhome in Bali reunited with Pris soon, we're here to make the best of it and made our balcony our little Bali sunshine sanctuary and it's my new favorite place in the house! It's all about that sunshine state of mind.

Let us know what you think of it and if you're joining our @welikebali #BALIathome challenge!

Eve & Manua

P.S. For our Dutch friends who would like to know I'll link the products below!

- I got two of these 160 x 230m outdoor rugs to cover the full width of our balcony. They overlap a bit but that works fine!
- Wooden bench with pallet cushions. I also loved this rattan bench as it's really Bali style but ended up with the more chill / lounge option.
- The two chairs are called Haiti. Also loved THIS chair a lot but it wasn't available online or at a store nearby. It's what you see in lots of Bali style homes.
- Side table by WOOOD.
- Yellow lounge pillow.
- Yellow fleece plaid and ecru blanket with pompous.
- The rattan basket, palm tree plates, vase, grey pot and plant I got at the store. TIP: I went really early on a weekday so it was very quiet. They take really good care of hygiene and allow only a certain amount of people inside.
- Oh, and these palm tree cushions I ordered online at Karwei and are on its way!

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