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Our secret to find affordable flight tickets to Bali

September 15, 2023

Our secret to find affordable flight tickets to Bali

How to still find an affordable flight ticket to Bali these days? Here are our tips to find the best flights to Bali!! 

1. Look on Skyscanner at the monthly calendar for the lowest rates per day instead of specific dates! You can also turn on notifications if you want.

2. Another hack: google Bali + Skyscanner and Google will show you the lowest rate in the next months.

3. Book your flights far ahead, if you can! Start planning your 2024 trip and book flights far ahead before planes get full hence seat prices go up. Especially if your stuck to specific holiday dates.

4. Of course the longer the flight the cheaper it could be. We love our flights as quick as possible. An alternative could be to book a ticket to Jakarta and a separate flight to Bali from there. Make sure you'll have enough time to go through immigration there (so also arrange you visa on arrival) collect your luggage and check-in again.

5. If you find a good price, book it! We all know the stress when you finally found a good ticket and you see the price going up by the hour or the next morning it’s way more expensive. If you find a good one within your budget, book it!

Go try yourself, sea you in Bali!

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