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The 24 hrs in Paris Guide

September 20, 2017

The 24 hrs in Paris Guide

Ooh la la, oui like Paris! Welcome to the city of art, treasure hunting, coffee, carbs and… a whole lotta love. Talking about love, we adore Paris since forever. As Paris is only a few hours by train and car from our home in The Netherlands this is a trip we we’re lucky to take a few times before.

This time both we both visited Paris with our men this month for a little Summer getaway. Follow us along to 24 hours Paris (left out the romantic smoochie lovebirds pics, hehe) – and check out extra tips and spots we’ve got for you!

Before we start: how to get around Paris?
Paris is probably one of the most organized cities we know. The city is divided in a system of ‘arrondissements’, each neighborhood is an arrondissement, starting with 1st and going all the way through 20.

Metro:You can easily travel by Metro through Paris. It’s very organized and there’s a subway on almost every corner of the street.

Bicycle:Yes, we love this! You can rent bicycles to cruise around Paris with a baguette in your bike basket like a true Parisian. You can ask your hotel to rent you one, or you can use the Velib.

Uber:Ok we must admit, when we have little time explore Paris like this time, we Uber everywhere. We have the Uber app on our iPhone and ordered Ubers to drive us to different spots throughout the day. You save time and drive through Paris and enjoy the city instead of going underground and popping up in a new neighborhood.

Walk!:Paris is amazing to walk everywhere. Stroll around town and make a walking route to all your favorite spots, shops and cafes.

Ok, now en route for 24 hours Paris!
*If you’re here only for the day you can break up the below into an afternoon and morning program.

8:30am - bonjour Paris
Quick morning coffee & croissant at our hotel

We sleeped at Le Pigalle in the 9th arrondissement. A boutique hotel with café, restaurant and bar in the Moulin Rouge neighborhood. An area that comes alive at night, where neon lights shine bright and is really popular amongst artists and young creatives. The soul of the neighborhood is translated into each inch and detail of this hotel. Our room was small, stylish and had a cute little French balcony. The café is amazing, a great hangout and also great to get some work done on the big table.

>> Read more about Le Pigalle here

Le Pigalle ParisThe 24 hrs in Paris Guide Le Pigalle Paris

Off to the Eiffel Tower. We took an Uber :)

9:30am - Eiffel Tower
Starting the day right

There's just something about the Eiffel Tower. When you see it your heart skips a beat. Yes to all Paris cliches, they are so true! Bring some fruit, juices (or champagne? Maybe afternoon hehe) and snacks for a little picnic in the park next to or in front of the Eiffel Tower. This time we didn't go in all to the top, as this means: lots of waiting. But, if you're a Paris first timer, do so! (Or go in the evening with the lights, it's magic!)

In this area you also find Rue St. Dominique (7th Arrondisement). A long street filled with cute boutiques and boulangeries. And if you have something special to celebrate (or celebrate life in general, why not!) have a drink at Les Ombres with the most amazing view on the Eiffel Tower.

The 24 hrs in Paris GuideThe 24 hrs in Paris Guide

10:00am - Sweet little break
At Claus - La Maison du Petit Dejeuner

The trick in Paris is to eat as much as you can. Forget any diets. Just don't. On each corner you can indulge on eclairs, macarons, pastries and the prettiest cakes ever. When around Claus Petit Dejeuner, have a little coffee and cake break. It's heaven.

The 24 hrs in Paris Guide

10:30am - Le Louvre
If you have time, visit the Louvre and go eye in eye with the real Mona Lisa. Otherwise, it's a beautiful square to just visit outside.

The 24 hrs in Paris Guide The 24 hrs in Paris Guide

11:00am - Palais Royale & Cafe Kitsune
Art & Coffee

Right opposite to The Louvre you will find this stunning palace with the famous art piece Les Deux Plateaux, known as Les Colonnes de Buren. Next to it there is the most beautiful park with our favorite cafe: Cafe Kitsune. Must have coffee here!

The 24 hrs in Paris Guide The 24 hrs in Paris Guide The 24 hrs in Paris GuideThe 24 hrs in Paris GuideThe 24 hrs in Paris Guide The 24 hrs in Paris Guide The 24 hrs in Paris Guide

12:00am - Strolls along The Seine
Walk along The Seine to Le Marais

It's about 15 minutes walk from The Louvre to Le Marais, our favorite neighborhood. There are many little terraces and cafes and eateries along the water. Like Maison Maison Paris!

Take a Pitstop at the cute book stalls along The Seine. At Chez Julien (the Gossip Girl cafe! hihi) you can enter Le Marais.

The 24 hrs in Paris Guide The 24 hrs in Paris Guide The 24 hrs in Paris Guide The 24 hrs in Paris GuideThe 24 hrs in Paris Guide

The 24 hrs in Paris Guide Processed with VSCO with c8 preset

The 24 hrs in Paris GuideThe 24 hrs in Paris Guide
Off to our favorite neighborhood: Le Marais!

1:00pm - Lunch at Wild & The Moon
Vegan food walhalla + the best juices in town

Plant based, organic, glutenfree food and all SUPER yummy. Wild & The Moon vegan cafe was our absolute Paris favorite als health foodies. And yes, acai bowls for life. You know it.

The 24 hrs in Paris Guide The 24 hrs in Paris Guide The 24 hrs in Paris GuideThe 24 hrs in Paris Guide

2:00pm - Le Marais
Shopping! (And more coffee and cakes).

So, Le Marais is the neighborhood we adore most. This area breathes creativity, fashion and smells like good coffee and fresh chocolate bonbons. It's narrow streets are perfect to get lost. Stroll around and find the most amazing boutiques at each little hidden corner. And photographers and artists exhibiting on the walls on the streets.

For shopping, there is SO much! A mix of brand stores, French boutiques, vintage stores and artisan shops. Can't miss out on Muji, Supreme, Nike Lab, Aesop (yes!),Atelier Beaurepaire, Maison Kitsune and Kilo, Chine Machine and Kiliwatch for second hand treasure hunting.

Food / Coffee stops:

Seasons: amazing juices, and everything is glutenfree. Must try the cakes!!
Wild & The Moon: Already mentioned above :))
Ob-la-di Cafe: tiny cute little cafe. great smashed avo and good coffee
Holybelly: breakfast, lunch or coffee hot spot up north in le Marais
Fragments: Coffee & Cinnamon Buns (obsessed with these for life.)
Hank:In Vegan Pizza we crust.

For a little shopping break have a juice or Acai Bowl at Juice Lab at Places des Vosges, a stunning square with park in the middle of the neighborhood. It's like going back into Medieval times. North Marais is a bit more upscale. Galleries, more high end fashion boutiques and amazing cafes.

For rooftop bar hangs in Le Marais head over to Le Perchoir.

The 24 hrs in Paris Guide

The 24 hrs in Paris Guide The 24 hrs in Paris Guide

The 24 hrs in Paris Guide The 24 hrs in Paris Guide The 24 hrs in Paris Guide The 24 hrs in Paris Guide

5:00pm - Hotel break
Or, bar hangs :)

We went back to our hotel for a short break. Pre-dinner snack on Le Pigalle's cute golden, marmer seats outside in front of the cafe (always eating) and a little break in the room before heading out for dinner.

If you wanna spend all day outside, we heard the view on the rooftop of La Fayette is amazing. Or walk your way to Montmartre and Sacre Ceour for a beautiful view over Paris. Other bar tips we got from friends are Comptoir General and the MONTANA hotel rooftop.

Le Pigalle Paris The 24 hrs in Paris Guide

7:00pm - Dinner Date
Dinner & Drinks at Pink Mamma

As we stayed at Le Pigalle in the 9th Arrondisement (the 'Moulin Rouge' neighborhood) we went for Pink Mamma in this area. We had an amazing night and had the best pizza (truffle......). There are also other 'Mamma' restaurants around Paris, each with a different design and incredible interior, but all amazing food and perfect for a dinner date night out. Do know they don't take reservations and sometimes the line is insane. It does go really fast though, make sure to be there before 7pm to conquer a spot. It was worth the wait!

The 24 hrs in Paris Guide

Other dinner tips we got from friends:

Kong (dinner + cocktails)
Gemini:best pasta!
Daroco:also amazing Italian food
La Halle aux Olivier: located in La Bellevilloise, creative / cultural hangout
Le Petit Marche: cute Asian food inspired bistro
La Cevicheria:for fish lovers
Restaurant at Hôtel grand amour:tropical vibes in the 9th Arrondisement

The 24 hrs in Paris Guide

A little recap: Neighborhoods to explore

  • Le Marais (3rd & 4th Arrondisement, shopping, vintage treasure hunting, best cafes and the cutest streets)
  • Rue St. Dominique (Eiffel tower views and small boutiques and boulangeries) and the
  • 9th Arrondisement: Montmartre and where we stayed at Le Pigalle. Upcoming new hip neighborhood with vintage shops like Chine Machinealso in Le Marais) and things like the Nike Pigalle Basketball Court (!).
  • Rue St. Germain (fave ever Kilo vintage shopping and lots of nice boutiques and cafes).
  • 18e Arrondisement: The Marché aux Puces de St-Ouen Flea Market! If you have time: do not skip the famous flea market. It's far on the outside of Paris, but worth the trip. Whether it's vintage nikes or antique leopard chairs, this place is treasure hunting heaven. Recommended to go on Monday morning for fresh stash.

The 24 hrs in Paris Guide

Sight seeing recap (yes to cliches!)

  • Palais Royale & Cafe Kitsune. Best coffee in town in the most beautiful park.
  • Louvre: lay your eyes on the real Mona Lisa, or enjoy the enormous square and beautiful glass entrance (located next to Palais Royale, so it’s easy to combine).
  • Jardin du Luxembourg, beautiful park next to The Louvre (they have an amazing funfair each Summer! Just missed it unfortunately, who knows next year:)
  • A classic: the book stalls along The Seine (walk there from Le Marais, via Chez Julien –the cafe of Gossip Girl yeah yeah)
  • Eiffel Tower (does not ever bore!) Bring some snacks and have a little picnic in the park next to or in front of the Eiffel Tower.
  • Mont Martre & Sacre Ceour – super touristic and busy but if you’re a Paris first timer it’s absolutely a must see. Walk to Maison Rose for a quick Insta picture, hehe.
  • Paris is heaven for art lovers. If you have more time, visit Musee D'Orsay, Musee Rodin, Musee Picasso.

The 24 hrs in Paris Guide The 24 hrs in Paris Guide

Hope you loved our little Paris travel Guide! Let us know if you went here of have other tips or things you loved in Paris.

-x- Pris & Eve

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