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Plant-based Peloton Supershop

January 03, 2016

Plant-based Peloton Supershop

If you've been following us on Instagram you've noticed our weekly brekkies, lunchdates and coconut coffees at our favorite new cafe PELOTON SUPERSHOP in Canggu. The cycle store with cafe opened her doors in the beginning of September last year and been a huge success since day one. And believe us, this cozy cafe will change the way you'll think about vegan life ever. First, it doesn't look like a typical vegan place; it's so much fun and vibrant (quoting owner Madison: "no singing mantra's into your salad"). And second, OMG. THE. FOOD!

On a personal note: the owners are amazing friends of ours, but no favoritism! This place will knock you of your socks. Guaranteed.

How it all began
Owners (and lovers ;) Tom and Madison brought their dream to life, starting their 'hub that encourages Earthlings to come together & tread lightly as we carry out our journeys on this planet.'Lauren a.k.a. 'LOL', fellow-foodie, collaborated on the food concept and the menu. Getting LOL on board, they talked to her about their idea of a vegetarian restaurant. Lauren -a passionate vegan- suggested: why not do it right and create a fully vegan menu? As vegan was always a lifestyle Tom and Maddison wanted to explore, they we're triggered. After one long night of talking, learning more by watching documentaries they we're 100% sure to go for it. "Let's do a vegan cafe!" And so their journey hit off together; with the passion and drive to make a difference.

The bigger purpose of Peloton
We sat down with Tom, Maddy and LOL for a quick talk about the meaning of living a fulfilling, vegan lifestyle:"We already know food is the fuel for life. But as humans we have a bigger purpose. Apart from trying to live a healthy lifestyle we have to be world conscious now. It's crisis, and that's a fact. Every business now should have that level of consciousness and try to give back and being environmentally aware."

They now inspire customers and other like-minded humans of how fun and simple it can be vegan. Because of the 'non-vegan' look of the cafe, people feel comfortable and safe to try and experiment. Even we think, this is not as hard as we thought it was!

The food
The menu is full of delicious, simple, mouthwatering and eye stunning dishes, juices and coffees for breakfast and lunch. (Yummy for kids too!) The plates to share are amazing as well. The vegan Nasi Campur 'Tour du Bali' is a must to try.

All products are local, fresh and mostly organic. First thing they do in the morning is making their coconut milk. It can not be any fresher. And hooray. They use the organic revolver coffee beans. Our favorite! And lucky for us they have glutenfree bread :)

Check out the Peloton Supershop Menuhere (drool alert)

Our favorites:

  • The Marathon Breakfast Plate or the Plant Powered
  • The Pedal Power Pancakes or the Sweet Potato Fries aside
  • The In Tune Immune Juice (with Orange, Carrot, Lemon, Tumeric & Ginger)
  • And the Mad Pops coconut Icecream with the Coconut Cappuccino for dessert

ENJOY! And say hi from us when you're there and let us know what plates your favorites are -x-

PS. We're currently exploring the vegan lifestyle. We recommend to watch Cowspirary if you're interested in learning more. How do you think about the vegan lifestyle? We'd love to hear your thoughts in the comments below!

Open Peloton Supershop, Canggu on Google Maps

Peloton Supershop Bali 4Peloton Supershop Bali 2Peloton Supershop Bali Peloton Supershop Bali 3Peloton Bali Plant Powered and Marathon plate Peloton Supershop Bali Icecream

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