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SHOP | Introducing: the Selamat Pagi Collection!

January 23, 2021

SHOP | Introducing: the Selamat Pagi Collection!

We are beyond excited to introduce to you our newest 2021 release: The Selamat Pagi drop! A capsule collection close to our Bali loving heart made out of a Hooded sweatshirt, sweatpants, kids hoodie and for the littlest Bali babies a romper.

‘Selamat Pagi’ is our first collection of this new year with Bali inspired pieces that embodies that feeling of waking up filled with life energy - and a smile!

'Selamat Pagi', meaning 'Good Morning' in Bahasa Indonesia, to us is so much more than just a phrase to say in the morning. It's that reminder to start with a smile in the morning. That first moment of connection with your loved ones and neighbors. Smiling to a stranger. A that fresh start of the day, a new beginning.

The feeling of those crisp summer mornings, waking up happy to the sound of birds chirping, waves rolling in, palmtrees waving and the sun kissing your skin.

Designed with that in mind - and everything happening in the world right now - we went all in comfort style. 

A timeless wardrobe essential to put on in the morning and make it your best day ever. Wherever you are in the world. Whether it’s a cold Winter day, letting those Bali vibes keeping you warm, or a chilly Summer evening on the beach watching the sun set.

And when those Bali borders open up, you can wear this suit on the plane to Bali. 
Aren’t we all looking forward to that moment?!

Our Selamat Pagi pieces will be available in limited quantities and through ‘on-demand’ orders. This way we minimize waste and avoid over-production.

Get yours now.

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On the photo's:
Eve & Pris & Bonnie are wearing the hoodie + sweatpants size S
Teun is wearing the hoodie + sweatpants size L
Manua is wearing the kids hoodie size 3-4 years
Baby Nennahi is wearing the romper size 74-80




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