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Sungai Watch: fighting plastic pollution in Bali

April 21, 2021

Sungai Watch: fighting plastic pollution in Bali

Welikebali, Hôtel Magique & Batik Boy Radio joined forces to launch a limited-edition Earth Club t-shirt this Earth Day to raise donations to protect Bali’s waterways. 100% of the profit goes to Sungai Watch, a project to clean Indonesia’s rivers to prevent plastic from entering into the ocean.

For the past 8 months, Sungai Watch has been busy cleaning rivers in Bali. It’s their mission to protect waterways, starting in Indonesia. Since august 2020 Sungai Watch collected more than 300.000 pounds of plastic. They are catching plastic through 52 trash barriers that they’ve installed in Bali’s rivers, with the goal of preventing plastic pollution from entering the ocean. The goal is to have 100 barriers this year.

Sungai Watched released a Bali Plastic River report in 2020. You can download it here. 

"The biggest type of plastic found in Bali rivers are plastic bags, which represent 18.5% of all the collected waste we have found through our cleanups. The biggest polluter of branded plastics found in Bali rivers is Danone AQUA. We hope this report will provide more insight as to what types of waste end up in our rivers and help to provide real solutions on how to properly clean our precious waterways as well as how to start rethinking our packaging." 

We have been able to personally witness the incredible work of Gary and his team at Sungai Watch. And we even proudly sponsored two of our own Trash Barriers! (If you’re a brand and also want to donate a trash barrier, read more here). 

We will share more in the upcoming 2 weeks about the work of Sungai Watch. Join them on river cleanings, host a live Instagram interview with Gary and close these 2 weeks of Earth Club activities with an intimate fundraising event on May 6th with live DJ set by Batik Boy Radio at Matanari - that we'll be streaming live through Instagram and Twitch.

Watch this video below to understand more of the incredible work of the Sungai Watch community. And scroll down to see how our Welikebali Trash Barriers were placed in Berawa and at the Canggu Shortcut. 


Join our Earth Club and order your Earth Club t-shirt here to donate.


Location 1: Berawa

Before & After clean up by Sungai Watch

Location 2: Canggu Shortcut


Order your Earth Club t-shirt now to donate.

Our Earth Club t-shirt is made of non-dyed, GOTS certified organic cotton. That means the t-shirt is textured with tiny specs of the original cotton plant, including seed particles. For the print there are no chemicals used and less water.

The Earth Club t-shirt will be worldwide, online available for 15 days only until Thursday the 6th of May through welikebali.com. 

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