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ON VACATION WITH: 100% profit donation for the people in Bali

November 15, 2020

ON VACATION WITH: 100% profit donation for the people in Bali

ON VACATION WITH is a visual vacation guide for the island lovers, tropical dreamers & sun seekers.


We created the concept of “ON VACATION WITH” as a visual collection of curated travel tips and photos by all you amazing Bali loving humans around the world - who all share the same love for the island and endless sun-drenched vacations. It is filled with more than 75 of your personal travel recommendations: stays, restaurants, best coffee, favorite beaches. From Bali to Byron Bay, Hawaii to Brazil and Greece to Guatemala.


Brooklyn Hawaii to Oahu, Hawaii
Collage Vintage to Formentera
Emelinaah to Bali
Gypsea Lust to Bali
Inka Williams to Bali
Jake & Marie through Europe
Jims & Kittys to Greece
Julia Muniz to Brazil & West Oz
Luna Maya to the Indonesian Islands
Maya Gypsea to Guatemala
Saltyluxe to Byron Bay
Welikebali to 10 favorite sun kissed destinations

Inspiration for future travels

You can use this guide to start making new bucket lists of all the places you’d love to visit one day, collect your favorite inspiration and start planning your future sun drenched escapes for when it’s safe again to travel.

Order your digital guide now!

It is a downloadable digital guide, accessible on your desktop, mobile or tablet. After purchasing this guide you will receive your download link. If you ordered the pre-order you will receive your download e-mail Saturday 21 November. 


We created this guide by gathering our fellow Bali lovers, to support the island to get through this crisis due to Covid-19. More than 80% of the people in Bali work in the tourism industry, that means that many are out of jobs right now. Bali has been closed for international travelers since April, and is planning to re-open in January 2021. But all is still very uncertain.

It’s incredibly inspiring to see how the people in Bali stay positive and smiling as always even in a crisis like this. Local initiatives are supporting their neighborhoods and visit camps in places like Serangan and Benoa where large groups of Indonesians currently live in harsh conditions. Because most are not Balinese they are unable to receive care from the local Balinese government. They depend on the help of non-profit initiatives.


100% profit of the profit of this guide is donated to Nasi Bungkus Tetangga. Who currently feed hundreds of families a week by handing out essential food packages in local neighborhoods and tent camps. 

About Nasi Bungkus Tetangga
The island has been closed for foreign tourism since April due to Covid-19. With more than 80% of the people working in the tourism Industry, that means little to no income. The pandemic has made a big impact on the economy for the locals and business operators. Leaving families depending on local charities distributing food and daily supplies.
We have been working closely with them so we chose to donate all profits to for this guide. We know it's You might have seen our stories earlier this year when we volunteered with Nasi Bunkus Tetangga, preparing food and handing out food packages in local neighborhoods and tent camps.
Nasi Bunkus Tetangga started as a small act of kindness, by Indonesian actress and model Indah Kalolo and her good friend Fitri Supardi. Two best friends and neighbors who started cooking meals in their kitchen to support people in our neighborhood (that is why they called ittetangga, tetangga means neighbour / people in the neighborhood) by giving them meals so they can save a little. It started with only 20 packages of rice and it grew to almost 10.000 overtime. Over hundreds of families were being provided nasi bungkus packages (this is a typical Indonesian single-portion to-go meal wrapped inside banana leaf of paper).
All dishes for the nasi bunkus were made at Fitri's house by women who lost their jobs due to COVID-19 in Bali. They cook and get paid for it. After the food is prepared, Indah, Fitri and all their friends make the packages ready to be handed out.

“We are not trying to be a hero, it was more to inspire other people or group of people to do the same/helping their people in their area where they live.” Fitri
In the beginning of Covid-19 we sold Face Masks, handmade in Bali, of which we also donated 100% of the profit. Thanks to you all we've been able to donate more than 5000 food packages! 
We visited the camps in Serangan, where we donated supplies to hundreds of people who live in tents with no support. It was heartbreaking to see the situation they are living in yet also heartwarming to see so much hope, smiles and gratitude. On all of these days we cried, smiled, laughed. We feel blessed and very happy to be able to do something for those in need. Especially when you see that smile on their face after they get a fresh, warm meal.


Enjoy this visual vacation guide - dive into this guide, immerse yourself into island life, soak up all the inspiring tips and start daydreaming over the most beautiful travel photos from your favorite travel influencers. And in the meantime, you made someones day in Bali.

THANK YOU. Terima Kasih.

Pris & Eve

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