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TOGETHER FOR BALI: launching a 100% profit donation passion project

October 17, 2020

TOGETHER FOR BALI: launching a 100% profit donation passion project

We’re heading towards the end of this year, and that means that Bali hasn’t been open for International tourism since April due to Covid-19 (read the latest updates in Covid in Bali here). Leaving more than 80% of the people in Bali with little to no income for almost a whole year. Nothing breaks our heart more than seeing the people on the island we love so much living in poverty and hungry. It’s the people who work so hard every single day to make your time on the island incredible. It’s the driver that picks you up from the airport, the sweet Ibu from the salon, all the friendly smiles at the restaurants and cafes where you love to eat and have coffee, the locals on the beach teaching surf... it's everyone. Lots of young people in Bali work to support their parents, so from young kids to the elderly: they need our support now more than ever.   

In the beginning of COVID-19 we started making face masks with a 100% profit donation and worked with this incredible charity project ‘Nasi Bungkus Tetangga’.

It started as a small act of kindness, to support people in the neighborhood (that is why it's called tetangga: tetangga means neighbor / people in the neighborhood) by giving them meals so they can save a little. It started with only 20 packages of rice and it grew to almost 10.000 overtime. The idea was also to inspire others to do the same and help their people in their area where they live.

We personally helped preparing and handing out food packages to the people in Bali who need it most. Seeing the strength of the Indonesian people, smiling their way through it all - but at the same time worrying about the future and suffering with no income and no food. Thanks to all of you up to now we’ve been able to donate more than 5000 euros, that means more than 5000 food packages! It’s still blowing our mind, we’re beyond thankful that you are in this with us to help Bali in anyway possible.


We started brainstorming about more ways to raise donations for Bali. We didn't just want to run a fundraiser but wanted to create something for you - that would be of value to you, while at the same time you'd be able to give back to the island you love.

So... the idea to create a SUNKISSED TRAVEL GUIDE together with our best Bali loving friends was born! We asked 10 incredible girls to share their best insider tips on their favorite sunkissed travel destinations - and will be designing this into a sunshine filled eBook. In these uncertain times we can all need some inspiration to travel again in the future, right? 100% of the profit will be donated to Nasi Bungkus Tetangga.

With 1 Guide you will feed 10 people in Bali!

Already curious to know who we teamed up with? Meet our amazing island friends who're in this together for Bali!

Inka Williams

Luna Maya


Julia Muniz

Jims and Kittys

Marie & Jake

Gypsea Lust

Salty Luxe

Maya Gypsea

Collage Vintage

And a sneak peek of only a handful of incredible imagery from these sunshine souls that will be part of the project. 

Stay tuned while we work on this project to launch it in the next weeks!

Thank you for joining together for Bali, let's to this together friends.

Pris & Eve

Inka Williams




Maya Gypsea 

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October 25, 2020

While I’m in the Netherlands I’m worrying about the Balinese community during this pandemic! Amazing to read about your

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