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Video: Island hopping in Flores with Le Pirate Explorer

September 23, 2020

Video: Island hopping in Flores with Le Pirate Explorer

Sailing all day under the sun, sleeping under the stars, floating on the ocean, no internet, only sounds by mother nature (and laughters from our friends), it doesn't get any more special than this. Welcome to Flores, where paradise island memories are made. In 2016 we traveled for the second time to Flores (our first time we stayed in a little bungalow resort on Kanawa Island). It's only 1,5 hour flight from Bali, and the view from the plane is breathtaking (so make sure to book the window seat). Together with our friends Kim, Yenny, Lara and Lucette we sailed over the Flores Sea with Le Pirate Explorer. It was softly said, heaven on earth. We anchored at uninhabited islands, swam with manta rays, saw dolpins, baby sharks, sea turtles, watched the most magical sunrises from our beds on the boat and even more breathtaking sunsets during our hikes, did morning yoga on deck and above all enjoying the incredible vibe with the local team on the boat. 

We edited a short video of our trip to give you a glimpse of all the beauty. But it's one you absolutely must live yourself, it's a lifetime experience. So if you're planning to visit Bali, make sure to add this to your travel itinerary. You will thank us for it! 

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