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Canggu Villa life in style

March 14, 2016

Canggu Villa life in style

Next up in our 'villalife' adventure is Villa Phoenix in Canggu. Next door to stunning Casa Ocean View, run by our friends Ozlem & Jared. When we walked into the door, we immediately fell in love with the tropical getaway. Perfect for the creative traveler (and if you love to live inside your favorite Pinterest board! : )

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Canggu Villa: Villa Phoenix

The concept is different than Casa Ocean View, because the 4 bedrooms can be rented out separately as well as one big villa. Which makes this place ideal for traveling couples or a group of friends or family. Also here the interior design is beyond incredible: open kitchen, amazing art, photography, vintage pieces, Vogue's and other fashion books draped on the kitchen table and a perfectly placed poolside living room and hangout. And the pool is absolutely divine, you can jump in from any angle. Villa Phoenixis our absolute fave.

What we like

  • 100 meters away from Echo Beach, just a stroll away!
  • Hands down the most fashionable villa in town
  • The girls from the staff are amazing, can make brekkie as well!
  • The pool is huge, bright and clean. There's even a little hangout inside the pool next to the lounge bed. THE life.
  • Rooms are big and not too close to each other, so you have your rest and privacy, and still can enjoy the company of fellow-travelers around the house in shared pool and living room area's.
  • So many cute hangouts and the dinner table in the kitchen area is the perfect work place.
  • Again: being in Canggu at itself, close to town’s best brekkie and lunch spots and a little sunset party at Old Mans

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-x- Pris & Eve

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VILLA-PHOENIX-BALI Screen-Shot-2016-03-14-at-22.49.07

Where to find on airbnb
Canggu Luxury Beach Front Villa #1
Canggu Luxury Beach Front Villa #2
Canggu Luxury Beach Front Villa #3
Canggu Luxury Beach Front Villa #4
Canggu Luxury Beach Front Villa (if you want to book the complete villa)

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