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Weekend getaway with Travelbags

October 18, 2018

Weekend getaway with Travelbags

If you know us, you know we love nothing more than a good weekend trip! Especially now Eve is due with the baby in a few months, we're really making the most out of it as long as possible, haha. We were in Europe the last month (home in Amsterdam and Biarritz) and have been traveling in the weekends to Mallorca, Ibiza, Lisbon, Paris... how lucky to live close to all these amazing places when in Europe, right?!

When we're in Bali, we often use the weekends for tropical escapes, either to other islands around Bali such as Nusa Lembongan or like this time we're off for a little mini island getaway to The Bukit. Our favorite area in South Bali, filled with white sand beaches, amazing surf, magical views, good food. We will be visiting lots of new spots for our Bali Guide!

We're super excited to have teamed up with our favorite travel store: Travelbags to show you our favorite travel bags to bring on trips like these. You might have some bucket list ideas to escape this fall and winter. A midweek close to home or even come to Bali? :) We're both bringing our Eastpak travel bags. Perfect for a short holiday or weekend getaway. Or to bring as cabin luggage in the airplane. Nothing better than not carrying any heavy bags, but just making it as comfortable and easy as possible!

And we're having a special gift for all our Dutch friends!
We can give you 20% off all Eastpack travel bags on the Travelbags website. Use the code PRISEVE20 in your shopping cart. They do next day delivery. Even perfect for a last minute trip planning! :) The discount code will be valid until this Sunday 21 October 2018. Click here to start shopping yours.

Let us know in the comments what your next trip will be or where you would love to go. We would love to hear! Safe travels, enjoy!


Pris is using the EastpakTransvers S in black.
Eve is using the Eastpak Strapvers Trolley in Sunday Grey.

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