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Where to learn how to surf in Bali

September 22, 2020

Where to learn how to surf in Bali

When we arrived in Bali in 2009 we started taking our first surf lessons on Seminyak beach. Our friends working on the beach took us out in the water in long boards and within a few weeks we started trading those in for shorter fun boards. Now, more than 10 years later we can't even imagine a life without surfing and there probably hasn't been a wave in Bali we didn't surf! Bali surf culture goes way back to the early 70's. When tourists started to discover the amazing surf breaks on the island. Nowsways it's pretty crowded in the water. But don't let it spoil the fun!

There are a few main choices of you want to learn how to surf in Bali.

  • Book surf lessons with the locals on the beach
  • Book surf lessons at a surf school
  • Book surf lessons at your hostel, hotel or villa
  • Book a surf camp or retreat

And yes, you can also try yourself by renting a board and try. But we can recommend taking surf lessons and learn the techniques, and more about the ocean and currents. Currents in Bali get pretty strong, so it's best to have a good understanding of this and be in the water with experienced surf coaches. 

Find below our 3 favorite beaches which are perfect for you as a beginner!

Batu Bolong

Bali's most popular surf town at the moment is Canggu. Especially now that the town has been filled with cafes and hotspots, the surf scene is more present than ever. For learning how to surf in Canggu, Batu Bolong if your beach. You can book surf classes and rent boards at the stalls on the beach (or check at your stay), right in front of Old Mans. After your surf session, hangout at our favorite beach lounge The Lawn!

Seminyak Beach(also for kids!)

From beginner to pro, Seminyak beach is a fun beach break for all kinds of surfers (and kids too!). You can learn how to surf by the locals or rent a board on the beach. Seminyak Beach is a long stretch of sand (you can walk all the way to Kuta of Canggu) so there's plenty of space for surf. At every beach entry you'll find locals running their little section on the beach, with beach beds, surf boards, lessons and usually selling softdrinks and fresh coconuts. You can find us at 'Lance's Beach bar'. Where we've been hanging out and surfing since day one. You'll find them close to Hightide by Switch (across the street from Jayakarta Hotel).  Otherwise give Wayan a call from We Surf Bali.Fun guaranteed!

Baby Padang

In the South of Bali you'll find Padang Padang beach. Walk down the long stairs (watch out for the cheeky monkeys!) to the beach. This small lagoon is the place where you'll find all pro surfers in action when big swell arrives. But on the right side there's also Baby Padang. Here you can learn how to surf or ride waves with a long board. You can book your classes at the stalls along the road or on the beach. 

While you're at the Bukit, check out our favorite beaches here!

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