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Why you should visit Bali in rainy season  

April 09, 2019

Why you should visit Bali in rainy season  

Most people don’t book their tickets for Bali between December and March or even rush out of Bali when the rainy season starts. They assume it will rain all day and that they won’t be able to go anywhere during the day. But... rainy season is actually an amazing time of the year to be on the Island!

Here’s why:

1. A guaranteed spot at your fave cafe

If you’ve ever been to Bali in high season, you might have noticed that a lot of places get really crowded. It’s hard to get a spot at your fave cafe for lunch or dinner because it’s packed! In rainy season though, there are less people on the island. Of course, there are still visitors but finding a place at your fave restaurant or beach club is def a lot easier!

visit Bali in raining season

visit Bali in raining season

2. Bye Bye Traffic

Maybe not something you might expect from a tropical island, but traffic jam in Bali is a serious problem and can get quite cray. You can hover your way through rush hour by bike, skip rush hour or find your way through short cuts is a way to avoid this. However, when you visit Bali during rainy season, you won't get stuck as much in summer and you'll def be able to get somewhere faster!

3. Cheaper stays

A big YES to visiting Bali in rainy season, because it's way cheaper to stay in accommodation 'offseason'. Hotels, villas and Airbnb's can even get up to 50% cheaper during rainy season. You can even easily stay for four weeks for the same price of two weeks in high season. Hello longer stay!

4. Cheaper flights

Your flight will also be more affordable. Do we need to say more... What are you waiting for? Check here how to find your cheapest flight!

visit Bali in raining season

5. Go green

The rain makes Bali even more beautiful than it already is. The sawa’s (rice fields) are incredibly green, waterfalls are a must to visit and nature is just all lush. Everything gets a little greener and trees grow a little bigger. We love it!

6. Dreamy sunsets

You might think the sun won’t be around that much in rainy season, but let us tell you a secret: sunny days are very common in rainy season! And even better are the cotton candy skies and balmy sunsets, it's too magical to miss out on!

visit Bali in raining season

7. Dancing in the rain

And... last but not least. It might always be better than Winter time at where you're based. Escaping the cold is always a good idea! And when it rains, just hang out in your favorite cafe, watch netflix and order roomservice, go for a good yoga stretch or just splash in the pool and dance in the rain.

Will you consider traveling to Bali in rainy season? Let us know in the comments, or if you have any other questions.

Happy travels!

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July 10, 2022

Definitely, now that I’ve read this blog!

Heather Reid
Heather Reid

July 08, 2022

Is there a better month to go between January or Febuary? Looking to book our honeymoon!

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