Bali Travel Consultancy Call

Bali is calling!

We know how much you've been dreaming about your next Bali vacation and you want it to be perfect! And with all the current travel regulations, planning a trip to Bali can feel overwhelming. So here comes in: our custom Bali vacation planning service!

If you're planning your next Bali trip, but would love an insider's view, this is your call. Maybe you need some ideas on planning your dream trip, have questions about Bali's travel regulations or would like to walk through your travel route and get our feedback to make your vacation even more perfect. Skip forever online searching for answers and ask us!

This package includes:

- Online intake on your ideal vacation styleor specific questions you have regarding your trip.

- A 1 hour one-on-one live call with us.We will walk through your intake and answer all your questions about your upcoming trip. You can ask us anything!

- We can provide you with a list of tips and our personal well-trusted contactsfor services that fit your needs to make all the practical things easy: for instance visa agents, contacts for drivers, car- and bike rentals, travel agents that can arrange your boat tickets to Gili Islands, Nusa Islands and domestic flights to other islands in Indonesia, baby- and kids equipment rental, nanny service and medical care. We can also connect you to other people to your request, whether it’s for villa rentals, business or anything else.

- 15% Discount op de Welike Bali E-Guide 

*We can have our call in English or Dutch.

Want more after this?
If after this call you decide you want more you will receive a € 99 discount on a customized day-to-day Bali Vacation Plan100% tailored to your personal travel style, wishes and budget. We will design your unforgettable Bali vacation! This Bali Vacation Plan is a flexible travel itinerary - you can follow your daily trip plan or easily change our suggested travel route along the way.

How does it work? Read about it here.

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