Welcome to Welikebali!

We are Pris & Eve, best friends, mixed Indonesian & Dutch and creatives from The Netherlands.

Welikebali goes back to 2009, when we quit our jobs in the Netherlands and bought tickets to Bali. The plan was to stay one year, but we fell madly in love with island life. To call this beautiful place home is a dream… and here we are more than 10 years later!

Besides sharing our daily life under the Bali sun and our favorite places with you when you're planning your trip to Bali - we design our very own sunkissed souvenirs with Welikebali the Label.To share more of the feelgood Bali vibes around the world!

We live by our motto: “Live a life you don’t need a vacation from”

After meeting the loves of our lives Arnaud and Stephen in Bali, we now divide our time between Bali, Biarritz and Amsterdam. And in 2019 the newest addition to the tribe ‘Manua’ was born. Scroll down to get to know each one of us a bit better!

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"We believe Bali is more than just an island. It's all about feeling alive, inspired, free, happy, healthy and being thankful for each and every day. And that’s what we’re radiating into everything that we do and create, and hopefully empower you to spreading that sunshine too!”

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