Welikebali the Label is our personal love letter to Bali. 

Designed under the Bali sun. 

With Welikebali the Label we launch season-less, small drops throughout the year in limited quantities and through ‘on demand’ orders. This way we minimise waste and avoid over production. And above all: we can take you into that feeling of sunshine, Bali vibes and forever vacation!

We design each piece to be in your wardrobe for a lifetime. 

Our goal: spreading sunshine and making a positive impact

We are proud to have been working so hard behind the scenes these past months to take the next step in our production process.

Our collections are limited available to avoid over-production and reduce our environmental impact.

At Welikebali we are committed to having a positive influence to your day by spreading that Bali sunshine - but also making a positive impact in the world with a thoughtful eye on the way how we produce our clothing. It’s work in progress but when we are all conscious of this together as brands and people we are confident to make this world a better place for the future.

Through our new manufacturing proces we aim to minimise waste by working with limited quantities and ‘on demand’ orders. Our production partners are actively working in a green way where there are no chemicals used in our printing process and the use of water has been minimised to a max. Our packaging is plastic free.

Since we are making sun kissed goods inspired by our love for Bali we will always have a part of our collections produced by local tailors that we’ve been working with for years. We have a responsibility to give back to Bali - and this way we can support local families. We choose to not mass produce and will always choose ethics over cutting costs.

Giving back to Bali

Bali has our heart. With all what Bali has given us, we are always actively involved to give back to the island in any way we can. Through our brand reach and through our products - we raise awareness and funds for local projects and initiatives.

We currently work together with Nasi Bungkus Tetangga. Who currently feeds hundreds of Balinese families a week by handing out essential food packages in local neighbourhoods and tent camps - that are suffering with job loss during this time of Crisis after Covid hit the world and Bali’s borders have been closed for tourism since April 2020.

Have a look how you can support the island with us here.

Bali vibes, incoming!