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6 x Where to stay in Lombok

August 17, 2022

6 x Where to stay in Lombok

Enchanted by the serene scenes of Lombok. Quiet roads, clear blue water with perfect waves to surf, white sandy beaches and a whole world within to discover - from mountains and vulcanos to lush forest and hidden waterfalls. 

Planning your trip to Lombok? In addition to our Bali Travel Guide, we're right now creating a Welike Islands Guide Edition (including more tips for the Nusa- and Gili Islands, Flores and Lombok), can't wait to share it with you! In there will be everything you need to know when you're traveling to Lombok.

There are plenty of excellent hotels, hostels, design villas and studios in Lombok. We lodged in the areas Gerupuk and Kuta Lombok. The best spot to stay if you love surfing is in Gerupuk, a small fishing hamlet that is only a 20-minute drive from Kuta Lombok. 

Here's 6 x places to stay in Lombok for you we recently tried, tested and absolutely loved. 


1. Porter Lombok - Kuta Lombok

Found the ideal boutique hotel! We enjoyed our stay at this tropical haven, which featured an infinity pool that overlooked the jungle, warm, minimalist rooms and a nicely planned space overall. A restaurant is also available for lunch, dinner and breakfast.

2. Dome Lombok - Gerupuk

Ever slept in a Dome? We stayed two nights in this incredible dome village in Gerupuk, which was perched atop a hill with breathtaking panorama. A unique hotel, born out of the creators' desire to build something exquisite and sustainable. The sunset here is magical, so don't miss it from your private terrace, rooftop bar or pool! Additionally, we enjoyed dining at their farm-to-table restaurant. All of Gerupuk's surf breaks are only 5 minutes away.

Read more about our stay at Dome Lombok here!

3. Nalua Surf - Kuta Lombok

A cozy boutique stay for surfers! Perfectly located in the center of Kuta Lombok close to all our favorite spots. They organize surf camps for all levels including theory classes, photo analysis, beach trips and more. You can also book a single surf class or a guide to show you all Lombok’s surf spots. 

4. Tiga Studios - Kuta Lombok

In this beautiful Kuta, Lombok studio, we immediately felt at home. Situated in a local, peaceful area, with palm tree views and our own small pool to cool off in. We adore this adorable little island retreat, which is the ideal studio for two. Absolutely loved their breakfast too (good food is always a winner!).

5. Nanti Villas - Kuta Lombok

Nanti Villas took our breath away. The highlands of Kuta Lombok are home to this bamboo paradise, which looks out over the ocean and a sea of beautiful greenery. pool, outdoor shower, and bathtub all included. A real gem!

6. Villa Utamaro - Gerupuk, Lombok

The house of our dreams is situated on the Gerupuk hills! This breathtaking design villa has three bedrooms, two bathrooms, a spacious open living and kitchen, infinity pool and a lush garden filled with flowers.

The best part: you can see the ocean from every angle in the house. One of the elements the designes of Villa Utamaro wanted to ensure. Waking up watching the sun rise over the ocean horizon was a dream. 

The villa is perfect for big groups, friends traveling and families as well (swings in the garden will be favorite with the little ones!)

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