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10 x Lombok Tips (Including how to get there + All you need to know!)

August 17, 2022

10 x Lombok Tips (Including how to get there + All you need to know!)

Lombok, that paradise island a few hours of the coast of Bali. Where the sea colors bright blue, palm trees rise high on the horizon and lush nature, waterfalls, mountains and volcano's makes every adventurous travelers heart beat faster. And how about those perfect breaks, wow. Lombok is heaven for surfers! Whether you're a beginner and want to catch some tiny peelers or an advanced surfer to ride bigger waves. 

We visited Lombok again last month and explored new island stays, spots and sights - and of course as you know noted them all on our little black book to share them with you! In addition to our Bali Travel Guide, we're right now creating a Welike Islands Guide Edition (including more tips for the Nusa- and Gili Islands, Flores and Lombok), can't wait to share it with you! In there will be everything you need to know when you're traveling to Lombok.

To give you a glimpse of what's coming - here are 10 tips on where to eat & things do in Lombok + How to get there.

Here you can find 6 places to stay in Lombok.

// How to get to Lombok?

You can fly or take a boat to get to Lombok. We decided to travel by boat and made our reservations with Toko Travel. We boarded the Eka Jaya Fastboat, one of the largest and most comfortable boats, in Pandang Bai, which is two hours' drive from Canggu. and after two hours, we arrived at Bangsal Harbor (also stops at the Gili Islands). You may expect to pay about 80 euros for a round-trip ticket that includes pickup and delivery from your hotel! It takes about two hours to drive from Bangsal to Kuta Lombok—not to be mistaken with Kuta on Bali. Kuta Lombok resembled a smaller version of Canggu and had a lot of cute cafés and restaurants, it is the most popular tourist destination in Lombok.

// How to get around in Lombok?

We rented a motorbike so we could get around without needing a driver. Best way to find a driver - if you don't feel like driving the motorbike - is to ask the staff at your accommodation (there is no Gojek or Grab Taxi in Lombok). We felt that Lombok's roads felt very secure. Due to the Motor GP event earlier this year, a completely new infrastructure has been built, and all of the country's roadways are now spacious and well-maintained.

// Where to eat + what to do when in Lombok?

Here are 10tips when visiting Lombok!

Where to eat in Lombok

  • We loved the coffee at Milk Lombok. We went here every morning to start the day with oat milk cappu’s and fresh baked goods. The staff is the sweetest.

  • Kenza Lombok: lovely restaurant overlooking the vibrant streets while sipping your early morning coffee or cocktail at night. The menu is amazing, with something for everyone's taste.

  • For lunch with a view go visitAshtari. An Indian inspired restaurant serving local and fresh food, all sustainably sourced. 

  • When in the mood for some Mexican food, go to Cantina Mexicana. A colorful restaurant serving delicious nachos, tacos and tostadas!

  • Last but not least; Seasalt. A low key dinner spot by the road but definitely one of our favorites. They serve fresh locally sourced seafood and their falafel is amazing. 

Milk Lombok



To do 

  • Surfing! Oh how we love surfing Lombok waves. There are lots of surf breaks to be found, from beginner to pro level. You can surf with a local guide (Sallong from Lombok Wave) in Gerupuk (a fishing town 20 minutes from Kuta Lombok) who will explain everything about the different breaks and everything you need to know when surfing in Lombok. Other popular breaks in Lombok are Mawi, Ekas and Tanjung Aan, all in the South of Lombok.

  • Take a day trip to the center of Lombok to explore waterfalls and rice fields. We went on tour with Lombokte adventure. Our amazing, local guide Andy picked us up and showed us around his island. We can highly recommend him! He know all the amazing spots, hikes and hidden waterfalls. You can reach out to him to create a trip together that suits your wishes +62 877-3440-3338. Say hi from Welikebali!

  • Road trip! When you choose coastal routes in Lombok, there is less traffic and the roads are well-maintained. The surroundings are stunning, enough to see and explore on the way. Take a pit stop at Amber Lombok, a gorgeous resort in the southern part of Lombok. Unwind, eat some local cuisine, stroll down the beach (it's so incredibly beautiful there) and take a swim. 

  • A workshop atNine Nine to learn about traditional weaving. A truly special experience and an amazing way to get to know Lombok’s beautiful culture and traditions. 

  • Drive 30 minutes from Kuta Lombok to Selong Belanak for a beach day. Soak up the sun, swim in the ocean and sip a coconut; all you need right? Also, you can also learn how to surf at this beach. When you’ll arrive probably a local will approach you to try surfing and help you out!

Tebatu Riceterras

Benang kelambu waterfall Lombok

Amber Lombok

Nine Nine


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