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Weekend Bali Guide Sale to support the people in Bali

September 16, 2021

Weekend Bali Guide Sale to support the people in Bali

Start dreaming about your next trip to Bali when borders re-open again while supporting the beautiful people on the island. Who are in need your support now more than ever! 

Shop the Bali Travel Guide here on sale to donate now

Over the last year till this date we are so thankful for all your generous donations and care for the people in Bali. We know that together with you we can support the people who's lives are severely affected by the crisis due to Covid. Unfortunately Indonesia's borders remain closed for international tourism, so without this opening in sight all your love and help is much needed.

Side note that since today Bali is back open for B211 Business visas. More on this on Instagram stories today and we'll update all info on the blog today. 

We're blessed to be involved to helping out at food distribution, raising funds and sharing ways to support the people in Bali. We hope to use our platform to bring up fresh awareness and activate donations, we're having a new series of initiatives coming up - and this weekend we're having a big Bali Guide Sale on our printed travel guides!

100% of the profit will be donated to Nasi Bungkus Tetangga. Who since the beginning of the pandemic until this day feed hundreds of families a week by handing out essential food packages in local neighbourhoods, camp sights and remote areas in Bali and islands outside.

By purchasing 1 Bali Travel Guide, 20 warm, fresh meals and basic life supplies can be handed out to those in need!

Sale will be up 16 - 19 September until stock lasts.
Please note sale is only valid on our Printed Bali Travel Guide. 

Shop the Bali Travel Guide here on sale to donate now


About Nasi Bungkus Tetangga, Together for Bali

The island has been closed for foreign tourism since April due to Covid-19. With more than 80% of the people working in the tourism Industry, that means little to no income. The pandemic has made a big impact on the economy for the locals and business operators. Leaving families depending on local charities distributing food and daily supplies. 

Nasi Bungkus Tetangga started as a small act of kindness, by Indonesian actress and model Indah Kalolo and her good friend Fitri Supardi. Two best friends and neighbors who started cooking meals in their kitchen to support people in our neighborhood (that is why they called it tetanggatetangga means neighbour / people in the neighborhood) by giving them meals so they can save a little. It started with only 20 packages of rice and it grew to almost 10.000 overtime. Over hundreds of families were being provided nasi bungkus packages (this is a typical Indonesian single-portion to-go meal wrapped inside banana leaf of paper).

All dishes for the nasi bungkus were made at Fitri's house by women who lost their jobs due to COVID-19 in Bali. They cook and get paid for it. After the food is prepared, Indah, Fitri and all their friends make the packages ready to be handed out. 

“We are not trying to be a hero, it was more to inspire other people or group of people to do the same/helping their people in their area where they live.” Fitri

We've been taking you live with us helping out with our friends at Nasi Bungkus Tetangga on our Instagram stories (if you haven't check out our stories highlight 'NBT') and hopefully showed you how your support has made a huge difference to the people in Bali. On all of these days we cried, smiled, laughed and talked to so many beautiful people and feeling inspired to continuing helping out wherever we can.

Right now Indah and Fitri are working together with Project Nasi and Feed Bali for Nusa Ceningan and Nusa Penida, since so many families got effected badly there. And we are still also working together with @akuforbali to help more very ill elderly and disabled children in Lovina. The team is going to Singaraja this Sunday to visit elderly there. They are in poor and sad condition, they will be helped with clean water and bedding.

Thank you for your support.
Terima Kasih!

Shop the Bali Travel Guide here on sale to donate now

For additional donations, we kindly invite you to give what you can through PayPal at fitrisupardi@gmail.com.


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