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OUT NOW: The Bali Souvenir Drop

July 28, 2021

OUT NOW: The Bali Souvenir Drop

Those days where you wake up happy, the sun is shining and palm trees waving. You jump on the bike to the beach, through the warm tropical air and smell of incense and morning coffee. The Balinese greet you with big smiles and ‘Selamat Pagi’! Apa Kabar? You happily answer with Bagus

We're excited to launch our new collection: the Bali Souvenir Drop.Where we poured that Bali love into our pieces. A design inspired by vintage souvenir shirts. Wearing this t-shirt of your favorite place in the world just takes you back to your best Bali travel memories - or gets you excited to plan new adventures. We want to bring that Bali joy into your day. Wherever you are in the world right now. 

Wear it, share the love & share that sunshine.

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Captured on the photos

Meet our island friends Stella Klimand Kayu. Stella grew up on the island and her beautiful looks and character hasn’t been unnoticed. She is currently working as full-time model and gets to travel to the most incredible places. If you wonder where you know her name from, her father is well known Olympic swimmer Michael Klim. Kayu, mixed Brazilian and Japanese is also born and raised on the island soil. Besides being in the ocean every day surfing and managing the Chilli Surfboard team, he is an incredibly talented photographer. Thank you for letting us capture you!

Full interviews coming up soon.

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