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Better together: Bali Souvenir Drop photo diary

July 28, 2021

Better together: Bali Souvenir Drop photo diary

We always say: Bali is a feeling, not a place! With our new Bali Souvenir Shop we wanted to translate our love for the island into a capsule collection. We designed 4 unisex t-shirts, 1 kids t-shirt and accessories - all with that vintage souvenir style in mind.

Wearing this t-shirt of your favorite place in the world just takes you back to your best Bali travel memories - or gets you excited to plan new adventures. We want to bring that Bali joy into your day. Wherever you are in the world right now. 

Thanks for Milou Tjioe for capturing us in our natural habitat: on the beach. 

Wear it, share the love & share that sunshine.

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