A visual vacation to Europe on 35mm film + tips

August 26, 2021

A visual vacation to Europe on 35mm film + tips

For us, the beauty of traveling is not that much about going to all the cool spots, must sees or touristic sceneries - we feel most alive when we can explore and soak up the moment fully. When we go to a new place, nothing excites us more than just to be there and blend into local life. Yes, we'll always try to find that perfect spot overlooking the sea (and dive in:), cute coffee place or where to soak up the dreamiest sunsets. And with a camera in hand (usually just our iPhone and analog cameras!) we're there to capture the moment and share our best tips with you. 

So we thought it would be sweet to take you on a little visual vacation through the lens of our 35mm camera, to all the amazing European destinations we were lucky to visit over the last years. Sometimes for work (mainly photoshoots that we produced for brands) and sometimes for a real vacation. 

PS. What's your favorite European travel destination? We'd love to hear!

A visual vacation to Europe on 35mm film + tips

Biarritz, France

If we're picturing the perfect European Summer, for us that's only one place in the world: Biarritz. Pris spends every Summer here with le fiancé Arnaud, who grew up in this stylish French surfer town and founded Biarritz's first Acai Bowl cafe: Bali Bowls (with now more than 4 locations in France, só proud). Biarritz is not only the go-to destination for European surfing and beach vacations but also home to the cutest cafes, boutiques, vintage markets and picturesque streets.

If you're planning to go, check our 50 x Biarritz tips: from the best coffee, acai bowls, where to book your surf lessons to where to sleep. 


Sicily, Italy 

Oh how we loved Sicily: where we lived the Italian island life to the fullest in the Mediterranean Sea. Where European Summer memories were made. A few tips we noted during our stay (will do a bigger blogpost with more tips soon!) 


* Tonnara di Scopello (the hotel in the photo) 


* Visit Scala dei Turchi White Wall
* Explore the old town of Taormina
* Explore Capo Gallo and Isola de Femmine by boat
* Tan at Sicily’s beautiful beaches: Mondello, Isola Bella, Cefalu Beach.


* Babilonia Restaurant, Taormina
* Trattoria Il Barcaiolo, Taormina

2. Sardinia

A special island for us, since Arnaud was born here (yes, he's Italian!) and lived his youngest years on this piece of paradise before moving to Biarritz with his family. We visited the island, rented a car and drove around all his favorite spots and childhood memories. It was an island dream, road tripping, jumping in blue lagoons and having the best Italian food. A few tips if you're going:


* Hotel le dune
* Villasimius airbnb
* Capo Spartivento
* Su Gologone


* Visit the South Coast: Chia, Pula, Cagliari for it’s beautiful beaches
Roadtrip to Alghero, drive down South along the coast line until Villasimius
Explore Alghero & Bosa
Check Oristano for good surf spots
S’archituttu - cliff to jump
* Iglesientis area Masua (Pantizucchero island)
Sun bath at Piscinas 


Carloforte island for eat tuna
Seafood at Mirage

Ibiza, Spain

Together with the Faithfull the Brand team we visited our favorite island Ibiza. It was our third time on the island and each time we fall in in love more and more. We're doing a dedicated blogpost with our personal favorites soon, for now enjoy the view.

Mallorca, Spain

We're taking you along a short Summer adventure slash babymoon (Eve was pregnant with Manua!) to Mallorca. We explored the island in 4 days *yes, we need to go back asap for much more Mallorca - while staying in a cute little place called Port de Soller. 

Here's a few favorite moments on film, for more Mallorca tips and our Mallorca vlog watch it here. 

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