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Travel to Bali update January 2022: Quarantine is reduced!

January 11, 2022

Travel to Bali update January 2022: Quarantine is reduced!

Planning to travel to Bali? Here are the latest travel updates to get to Bali.


PS. Let us know in the comments or through Instagram if you have any more questions! And please note rules change rapidly in Indonesia these days so please contact your visa agent for a final check. 

UPDATE FROM 2 FEBRUARY 2022: quarantine reduced to 5 days 

As you probably already know the quarantine period is constantly changing and was recently increased from 3 to 10. But effective 02 February 2022, mandatory quarantine upon International arrival to Indonesia is reduced to 5 days (4 nights) for travellers arriving from non- high risk countries. Families with unvaccinated childeren still need to do the 7 days (6 nights) quarantine. 

Restrictions to 14 Red Zone countries to enter Indonesia has been lifted. These 14 countries nationals can apply for a visa B211A again starting from the 14th of Jan. 2022.


What do you need to enter Bali?

  • You need to apply for the Business Visa B211A. Scroll down for our contacts to arrange your visa. Everyone can apply for a business visa.

    A B211a visa is valid for 6 months and you'll have to extend it after two months, every month. The price vary's between 300 and 500 USD depending on your agency and the extension vary's between 50 & 70 USD per month.

  • You have to be able to show that you are fully vaccinated. For kids it's mandatory from age 12. 
  • You have to sign a letter of statement of agreement to abide to all health protocol applicable within Indonesian territory. 
  • You must have health insurance or travel insurance that covers health costs, or you have to make a statement that you are willing to pay the costs at your own expenses if you are infected by Covid, while you are inside Indonesian territory.
  • You need to book a 5 days/ 4 nights quarantine in one of the designated hotels in Jakarta prior to your arrival. 

Find the complete list of Jakarta Quarantine Hotels here.

How to get your visa?

We have listed a few reliable Bali Visa agency's for your below which we can recommend to apply for your Business Visa for Bali:

  1. Greta from Bali Solve. You can contact her through WhatsApp on +62 812 37726811. 

  2. Arum from Bali business consulting. You can contact him through what’s app on + 628174752929

  3. Tanya from Bali Visa. You can contact her through what’s app +628196020195

  4. Bali Together Agency. You can contact them through Direct Message on Instagram @balitogether_agency

Make sure to mention WELIKEBALI when you reach out. When you’ve arranged your visa with one of them let us know and you’ll receive a free Bali eGuide from us! Just send us a screenshot of your confirmed visa & we’ll send it over to you to enjoy.

Quarantine & PCR tests before entering Bali

  • Currently a 5 day (4 nights) quarantine in a designated hotel in Jakarta at your own costs is required for all foreign travelers who are fully vaccinated entering Indonesia. You will not be allowed to leave the hotel room or order food from outside the hotel. These hotel offer special 'quarantine' packages.  You can find the complete list of quarantine hotels in Jakarta here.

  • The rule also applies for people who are already vaccinated (as you can still carry the virus) and for all children. 

  • Travelers need to show proof of vaccination and a negative Covid-19 PCR/Swab test document on arrival. Test must be taken maximum 72 hours before flight at origin country.
  • For kids Indonesia made it mandatory to be vaccinated starting at age 12. A PCR test is needed for kids of all ages.

When will Bali be open for international tourism?

Indonesia has closed its borders for international tourists since April 2020 There is no new date when they expect Bali to re-open. 

Of course our prayers go out to everyone in Indonesia to be safe and healthy. And hearts are hopeful for the people in Bali, as their work and income is highly affected with borders still being closed.

Please note we are not an official authority, so please contact your local embassy, visa agent or airline for more information.  

Are restaurants, spa's and beaches open?

Officially venues and beaches are open at the moment. 

How is life in Bali right now?

Hotels and villas are getting more guests again due to domestic travel. The local economy is still in crisis and the majority of the people in Bali are unemployed and rely on food supplies provided by their local communities and initiatives.

Have a look at our partnership with Together for Bali here.

Where can I do a Covid test in Bali?

There are a lot of Antigen / Rapid test posts in Seminyak and Canggu area. An antigen test will cost you 250.000 IDR (about 15 euros) and it will take 15 minutes for the result. You can do a PCR test at almost every clinic in Bali, this costs 250.000 IDR (about 15 euros) as well and will take 1/2 days to receive the results. You can also book an appointment at home. There are quite a few services, one which we have heard of is reliable is Bhakti Vedanta Medical


Where can I find official updates of Corona in Bali?

Here on the government website from Indonesia.

When can we travel to Bali again?

There's no official dates or regulations being shared yet. We're keeping you posted! 

You are able to apply for a Business visa through a local visa agent.

Is it safe to book tickets?

We all know this pandemic makes everything uncertain right now, so of course things change again. Some airlines are responding to this by offering free of charge option to change your flight dates after booking.

For instance, Garuda Airlines lets you freeze, reschedule or reroute your flight without rebooking fee. Or if you haven’t decided on your new travel dates you can extend your ticket validity until December 2021.

Find more info in our story highlight here.

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