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Bali Covid Travel Update August 2021: Bali lockdown continues

August 16, 2021

Bali Covid Travel Update August 2021: Bali lockdown continues

> New Bali Travel update for OCTOBER available here

Since our Bali Covid update last month, Bali has been in a new lockdown. Due to a severe rise in Covid cases in Indonesia, the president announced restrictions for the islands Bali and Java. This emergency restrictions just have been extended today for at least another week. 

Some public facilities are closed and most restaurants and cafes are open for dine-in (25% occupancy), takeaway and delivery. Beaches are officially closed - although unofficially we've seen Bali has implemented the regulations a bit differently in different areas. 

Of course our prayers go out to everyone in Indonesia to be safe and healthy. And hearts are heavy for the people in Bali, as their work and income is highly affected again with the new lockdown.

New requirements made it mandatory for all foreign travelers to show certificate that they are fully vaccinated for COVID-19. Mandatory quarantaine is currently set on 8 days in a hotel in Jakarta.

Currently only foreigners with Diplomatic and KITAS/KITAP visas may enter Indonesia. The special B211 'business' visathat has been used by foreigners to enter the country lately is currently not being distributed.

Read along our most asked questions below. If you have specific questions send us a DM on Instagram and we'll try to answer as best as we can! 

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Please note we are not an official authority, so please contact your local embassy, visa agent or airline for more information.  

What's the latest Corona update regarding traveling to Bali?

  • Indonesian borders are currently still closed for international tourism.
  • Exceptions have been made since April this year for foreign visitors with a B211 visa. Right now this visa is not being distributed. You can contact Bali Visa & Business through e-mail or Whatsapp to stay up to date (if you do mention WELIKEBALI)
  • Domestic travel is allowed within Indonesia fully vaccinated and with a negative PCR test.
  • No new dates and regulations have been released about Bali opening up borders. 

Quarantine & PCR tests before entering Bali

  • Currently a 8 day quarantine in a designated hotel in Jakarta at your own costs is required for all foreign travelers entering Indonesia. When you travel to Indonesia there is a list of quarantine hotels in Jakarta available to book your stay. You will not be allowed to leave the hotel room or order food from outside the hotel. These hotel offer special 'quarantine' packages.   
  • The rule also applies for people who are already vaccinated (as you can still carry the virus) 
  • Travelers need to show proof of vaccination and a negative Covid-19 PCR/Swab test document on arrival. Test must be taken maximum 72 hours before flight at origin country. 

When will Bali be open for international tourism?

Indonesia has been in lockdown since April 2020 and has first announced that Bali would be open again for foreigners September 1, 2020. But after rising Coronavirus cases in Indonesia it had been pushed forward to January 2021. After the Indonesian president visiting Bali in April, officials have been releasing new information that Bali might open for tourism in July 2021. But since a new wave of severe Covid cases are currently happening in Indonesia since August there is no new date when they expect Bali to re-open. 

Can I get my vaccination in Bali?
Thanks to information here, please find our short update:

The Government vaccination program is free.
Only Sinovac and AstraZeneca vaccines are generally available in the Government program. Only health workers in Bali are receiving booster shots of Moderna right now. All Indonesian citizens are eligible for vaccinations, including those with KTP from outside Bali. Foreigners with KITAS/KITAP visas are eligible for vaccination. Foreigners with short term B211 visas are not eligible for vaccination.  No vaccines are available for private sale.


Are restaurants, spa's and beaches open?

Officially venues and beaches are closed at the moment. Restaurants and cafe's are open with 25% occupancy. Some local neighborhoods have venues that are open. Everywhere you’ll need to follow the safety regulations and health protocols. That means you’ll need to wear a face mask outside your home / hotel room and in all public spaces. When you’re at a restaurant you can take your mask off when eating – and when you’re on the beach you only need to wear it when ‘walking’. 

How is life in Bali right now?

Hotels and villas were slowly getting more guests again due to domestic travel and it got a bit busier at the beginning of this year. But Bali is back to being quiet and empty. The local economy is still in crisis and the majority of the people in Bali are unemployed and rely on food supplies provided by their local communities and initiatives.

Have a look at our partnership with Together for Bali here.

Where can I do a Covid test in Bali?

There are a lot of Antigen / Rapid test posts in Seminyak and Canggu area. An antigen test will cost you 250.000 IDR (about 15 euros) and it will take 15 minutes for the result. You can do a PCR test at almost every clinic in Bali, this costs about 80 euro and will take 2/3 days to receive the results. You can also book an appointment at home. There are quite a few services, one which we have heard of is reliable is Bhakti Vedanta Medical

Where can I find official updates of Corona in Bali?

Here on the government website from Indonesia.

When can we travel to Bali again?

There's no official dates or regulations being shared yet. We're keeping you posted! 

You might can apply for a visa through a local visa agent again in the next upcoming months. We can recommend to contact Bali Visa & Business (through e-mail or Whatsapp), if you do mention your WELIKEBALI code!

Is it safe to book tickets?

We all know this pandemic makes everything uncertain right now, so of course things change again. Some airlines are responding to this by offering free of charge option to change your flight dates after booking.

For instance, Garuda Airlines lets you freeze, reschedule or reroute your flight without rebooking fee. Or if you haven’t decided on your new travel dates you can extend your ticket validity until December 2021.

I am in Bali right now or going soon, what measurements can I take to protect myself and others from the virus?

Most measurements are globally the same. Whether you’re in Bali these basic steps can help you reduce your risk of getting sick or infecting others.

- Wear your face mask. Wear it in public spaces.

– Keep your distance. Right now it is globally advised everyone should limit close contact, indoors and outdoors. Although parties have been back on the agenda in Bali, general advise is to still keep your distance when you’re in public spaces.

– Stay clean. Wash your hands with soap. Scrub your hands for at least 20 seconds frequently. Don’t touch surfaces that are likely to have someone else’s touch or clean frequently (especially your phone and keys!). Alcohol-based hand sanitizers, which should be rubbed in for about 20 seconds, can also work, but the gel must contain at least 60 percent alcohol.

– Stay calm. Visit supermarkets and stores outside peak hours.

– Stay healthy. Eat your fruits, veggies, drink lots of water, take vitamins (especially vitamin C and Zink are good for the immune system). And here in Bali it’s even easier as you can still order fresh-pressed juices and ginger or turmeric shots at home for instance at Koncious Goods or Remix Juice 

Check yourself on signs of coronavirus infection, including symptoms of having a cold, fever, shortness of breath and coughing. Stay home if you experience any of these symptoms or book a Covid-test at Siloam Hospital in Denpasar. 

Stay safe sweet friends! 




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